Saturday, July 6, 2013

Mega Young Designers Competition 2013 Episode 12 Review

Since I just started my new job as a Property Investment Consultant for Alveo-Ayala Land, I wasn't able to watch last week's episode. This week, I made sure that I watch the penultimate episode of Mega YDC 2013 by watching the replay with Rona.

Last week, Rona and Jinggay's journey in the competition ended. Joy, Emir, and Adrian, are now the last 3 standing young designers in the competition. This was like FIP Graduation 2012 all over again. This week's episode is all about the final hurdle that the three designers have to overcome before going to the Mega Pinoy Pride Ball.

The designer's had lunch with Ms. G and they got the news that they have one last challenge to conquer, the Maldita challenge. Cesar Gaupo joined them during lunch in order to provide some guidance on how the young designers should tackle their latest challenge. The renowned couturier also gave some pointers on how to make it in the fashion industry.

We also had a sneak peek of what the young designers will present in the Mega Pinoy Pride Ball when they had their one on one consultation with Ms. Sari Yap. The mentors also presented their final collection in front of the fashion council.

Tomorrow, we will finally witness the last episode and know who are the victors of the competition.

Now for my weekly notes:

- Emir's reaction was so cute when he said "Hay naku, may challenge na naman."

- Cesar Gaupo seems very kind and open even if he is a well-renowned designer. I hope I can meet him in person in the future.

- This week, I am all about Sari Yap. You can always expect that she will always speak her mind. I just love her honesty when she was talking to the young designers.

- Emir was so cute during pre-judging. Adrian talked a lot. Joy was all worried.

- Emir got very positive response for his final collection. The fashion council were relatively quiet when Adrian presented his designs. Joy's collection ignited a discussion amongst the members of the fashion council. Cesar Gaupo even stood up just to share his point of view with regards to the pop of color in Joy's collection.

- As expected, the mentors' collection were all fabulous. Puey's inspiration is wonderful. I love the garment behind Jeffrey Rogador when he was discussing his collection. The Herrera twin's collection is LOVE.

So just to make up for my shortcomings last week, here's a sneak peek of what my Mega Pinoy Pride Ball Part 2 Experience was like. These will also give you what you can expect to see in tomorrow's final episode.

That's all I can say for thsi week's episode! Just a reminder, you can catch Mega Young Designers Competition Allstars tomorrow at 7pm on ETC.

Au revoir for now my loves!

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