Thursday, December 6, 2012

Sewing Practice

After buying a hell lot of fabrics from our field trip, I sat in one corner and I realized that I still cannot translate a pattern into a real dress. Sure,  I created clothes without any patterns before but this time I wanted to complete something with the use of what I learned from our Basic Pattern Class.

The 3 hour dress!

With a lot of guidance from our teacher Sir Aram Loe, I was able to transform my basic bodice pattern into a simple pink peplum dress. As I was sewing the dress, I remembered two Carrie Bradshaw looks because of the color of my fabric.

This is look the one she's wearing when she called Samantha to inform her that she is getting married. I love the styling so much so I guess that made that look memorable for me. The long pearl necklace and the studded belt made this cute pink dress look edgy and very stylish.

The other dress that I love so much is the Oscar de la Renta dress that she wore when she dated Aleksandr Petrovsky at the Opera. That pink dress really stuck in my head the moment that she removed from from the box. I got inspired so much that I decided to add a little something to my basic pattern to translate that couture look into something simpler.

Oscar de la Renta Spring 2004 RTW

That's it for my first dress. I am just very thankful that someone guided me step by step which made me finish this project in 3 hours. Hopefully, I can finish clothes this fast on my own next time. For now, I'll take my time. After all, I am still in Basic Pattern and Lesson 1 in Basic Sewing so I am technically new to this. 

I'll post more of my school projects as soon as I finish them. Making clothes is so addicting! I can't wait to make another one!

Au revoir for now loves!