Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Vintage in my Closet

Today marks another first for me. Today I decided to put up my first online shop!

As I was trying my best to clear some space from my jam-packed closet, I decided to do put another dream into reality.

I've always wanted to put up my own shop. When I was a kid, I loving hanging around those Mom and Pop stores aka Sari-sari stores near our house. I even pretend to be a merchant whenever I play with my childhood friends.

A Sari-sari store in Rizal Park

In high school, I was one of those merchants in class. My go to products then were cute stationery sets and fashion accessories.

Remember the stationery collecting fad in the mid 90's?

During my "online gamer" phase, I was still very true to my entrepreneurial nature when I was playing Ragnarok Online. I choose to be a Merchant and I always scour the lands to collect items and sell them for a higher price. The only reason why I stopped playing this RPG was because of those looters who stole rare items from those monster's I worked hard to kill.

Merchant Class

In college, I started my love affair with native items. I remember visiting the Department of Humanities in UPLB as I carry a load full of native bags that I bought from an old lady in Agronomy. I just wanted to help the old lady have her ends meet and at the same time promote the beauty of our native products.

Me and my handy dandy "bayong"

A few months before I enrolled in FIP Makati, I became a distributor of Sophie Paris. I sold bags, wallets, clothes, and accessories in order to save some cash for my tuition fee. I still take orders, but I am not as active as I was before due to my class schedule.

As you can see, I've always been into sales specially when it comes to fashion and other beautiful things. After I graduate from FIP, I am hoping to someday have my own little shop or better yet, my own fashion house. For now, I just wanted to put what I've learned from our Fashion Merchandising class to the test by putting up my first online store on Facebook.

About my First Online Shop.

After cleaning my room, I found my self with a bunch of clothes that are either new, worn once or twice, never fitted me and/or never will, or simply beautiful but was never meant for me. I just have to let go of these clothes to avoid crossing the thin line of creative chaos and certified hoarder. Instead of having your typical garage sale, I am planning to experiment by putting up an online store with a twist.

My Facebook Page is now up but I it is still a working progress. I'm still finalizing some technical aspects such as the payment method and the courier to be used for the delivery of the products. For now, kindly LIKE page by clicking here to be updated with regards to the release of my first waive of items and other surprises.

I am so excited to launch this online store because this is definitely going to be a new experience for me. I am also cooking up some interesting things for those who will like my page. Not only will I clear some space in my room, I'll also make sure that my clothes will go those who will love them as much I did. Am I so Andy from Toy Story 3 or what?

I remember transforming into a crying machine during this part of the movie.

So that's what I am up to lately aside from my usual school projects. I hope you guys will support my newest conquest. Thanks for reading!

Au revoir for now!

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