Monday, October 8, 2012

Sketches, Projects, and FIP Makati!

It was one busy week! Aside from watching The Phantom of the Opera and getting my prizes from Soul BGC, of course I have to give time to what I enjoy most... school work!!!

My seat work in Advance Fashion Design

Four months ago, I can't even draw a decent adult figure. When I started in Basic Fashion Design, my first drawing is so disturbing that I even proclaimed that my goal after the course is to be the "most improved."

Don't get me wrong, I may not be the best illustrator in class but if you've seen where I came from, trust me, you will definitely  agree. Check this post to see for yourself.

Aside from the Advance Fashion Design course that I enjoy very much, I am also having the time of my life in Bag Making 1. If you've been reading my previous posts, you will see that I am so proud with my work even if it's not yet completed.

The Bag Makers (Clockwise from left)
Your Fabulousness, Arianne, Rhea, Kanah

After struggling with my first encounter with a sewing machine, I am happy to say that I've completed my first square bag with all my fingers intact. ^_^

Since I am still sick and I can't even speak a word, I've decided to start my second square bag project today just to be productive. I honestly think that my sewing skill is improving every time I deal with that high speed machine. I will post a photo of  my new project once it's at 50% completion. ^_^

By the way, our school is now accepting students for our next term. So if you've been dreaming of taking that small step towards fulfilling your dream of going into fashion, just like FIP Makati's Facebook Page and/or call 0917-8650023 / 02-817-0023 for inquiries.

So that's all for my loves! Au revoir!


  1. That's a very artistic design. I am planning to enroll in FIP next month! :)

    1. Thanks Eleyn! Nice to hear that you'll be studying in our school too! Btw I'm still studying in FIP Makati! I hope to see you! ^_^