Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Limited-Edition Bag and my Over-sized Square Bag

As much as I don't want to be a negative Nelly, I am currently sick and I can barely talk right now. Instead of blaming the universe for my swollen tonsils, I decided to search the internet for any bag designs that can make me smile... because bags are simply love materialized.

The Limited Edition Balenciaga Pumpkin Paper Tote
Retails for $1000.00

Check out the progress of my square bag at the end of this post!

As pictured above, this collaboration between Balenciaga and the Legendary Grace Coddington is all about the latter's cat named Pumpkin Coddington wearing previous Balenciaga collections. That is so Fifi Lapin!

I just love Fifi Lapin!!!
Image from: Fifi Lapin's Blog

The aside from the bag's cute design, what really made me smile is the idea that 20% of it's proceeds will go to the Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons. Not only will you get a cute limited edition bag, you also get to help a charity for our furry friends.

The Elegant Cat Lady, Grace Coddington

On the other side of the fashion spectrum, I am almost done with my first ever bag project!

My Over-sized Square Bag is now 80% complete!

I just need to finish sewing some parts and have the bottom fixed and I'm done!

Just to give you an idea about it's dimensions.

If you've read my previous post about our Bag Making 1 class, you'll understand why I am so proud about this project. By the way, somehow I am getting a little better with my sewing considering that it was only second encounter with that very powerful high speed machine.

Over-sized Basic Square Bag by yours truly (left) and
Studded Sling Bag by my classmate and accessories designer
Kannah Manila (right) 

...and just to show you what I am doing in our Fashion Embellishment class, I am still far from completion in embellishing this lace design.

Le Silver Fish

I maybe the slowest one in our class but I'm still good with that. I just wanna make sure that I secure those cut beads where they belong. Lol

Before I forget, I would like to thank some of my friends for giving me some cute key chains from their international travels. I now have some bling-blings to put on my bag once I am done. Yey! ^_^

Mhelai for the cute key-shaped key chain from Hongkong
Tonie for the elephant key chain from Thailand
and Arianne for the nail cutter key chain from Singapore

Au revoir for now my loves!

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