Monday, September 10, 2012

Looking Back: Make Over!

For my 10th day of blogging, I just wanna look back into an photo shoot that I did not so long ago. Instead of doing my it with my typical fabulous self, I decided to shake things up and try to "man" it up a bit. Lol

The Nerdy Boy Next Door

More photos after the jump!

It was for an Open Photoshoot titled Fresh! by Dense Modesto. The styling was by Argie Salango and my hair was done by the ever so fierce Mycke Arcano. As it turned out, I can't recall who did my make up here. The only thing that I can remember is that Nanivon, my favorite Make Up Artist, was in CDO at this time. Wait! Maybe I was I simply did this "Au Naturel." Lol

The K-Pop Idol

I can't remember why but for some reason I wanted to try something new here. Anyways, I'd like to think that somehow I was a bit believable here. Do you agree?

The Hunk
As I can recall, I can't stop laughing in between shots at the beginning. Everyone around me was observing my every move so that no Gisele, Coco, or even a Kate will find it's way into my pictures. Eventually as the shoot progressed, I became more comfortable and I'd like to believe that I fell into character perfectly. I guess my theater background helped me on this one. Lol

Today was a very tiring day so I wanted to look at some silly things that I've done in the past. It somehow brightens my mood. I hope this post made you giggle or at least brought a smile in your face. ^_^

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