Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bonjour! Comment Allez-vous?

Since I was 7 years old, I've always been fascinated with the French Language. I guess it has something to do with the Vtech Laptop that I had when I was a child, which was configured only in the French Language. I remember failing miserably in the word games because I was entering the English answers while the laptop was talking to me in French. Instead of answering "Fille," I was answering "Girl" when an image of a smiling lass popped up on the screen. Eventually I was able to adjust and I learned several French words, simply because I have no other choice.

The Iconic Eiffel Tower Bag from Sex and the City Movie
Photo from: Google Images
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Before we go any further, try to play this video before reading the next part of this entry. It's La Vie En Rose by non other than the legendary Edith Piaf, The Voice that was the Soul of Paris. I swear it will make a difference.

Up to this day, I occasionally day dream about going to Paris, visiting the exhibits at the Louvre, wearing a Dior Haute Couture, showcasing my Fall/Winter Collection at Paris Fashion Week, and of course meeting my special someone and falling in love with the Eiffel Tower in the background.

Dior Fall 2008 Couture
Photo from: Style.com

Since it's almost next to impossible to achieve all of those things for now, I can only dream so I might as well dream as grand as what my imagination can get! For the meantime, I decided to enroll in a Basic French Class to somehow feel that I am little bit closer to my little old fantasy.

I can only imagine myself wearing this while strolling
around the Eiffel Tower with my poodle named Fifi.
Dior Fall 2008 Couture
Photo from: Style.com

Today we just had our first meeting in class. Our teacher was not your stereotypical skinny and snobby Parisian, instead she was an energetic Vietnamese woman who speaks the language as her native tongue and has traveled around the world teaching university students the wonders of the French language. I am just happy to know that I get to have a teacher that's full of personality. I just hope that after the class I will learn a lot of phrases instead of just "Voulez-vous coucher avec moir (ce soir)?" Lol

I learned a lot of things today but I would be lying if I say that I didn't break any sweat. How I wish I have a friend who speaks the language so that I can practice often. I guess I have to watch a lot of French films and practice on my own. Thank goodness my favorite film is in French!

La Vie En Rose

For now, I am just happy that I finally took this class to satisfy my curiosity because I've been meaning to take this class for almost 5years now. So as always, slowly but surely and one dream at a time. ONE DREAM AT A TIME.

Au Revoir for now!
Photo by: Dense Modesto
Hair by: George Delfin
Make Up by: Nanivon

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