Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Brief Encounter with FIP's Designer of the Year 2012

Right after work, I immediately went to FIP Makati to submit my final requirements to our Fashion Design Instructor, Ched Dalogaog, in order to complete my Basic Fashion Design subject.

My Sanctuary

After accomplishing what I came for, I can't help but notice that the regular display on the mannequins located near the school's entrance was replaced.

The First Mannequin that you will see
once you enter the school's premises
I remember that the previous display was last year's grad show winner. Since the graduation show just happened this past weekend, it made perfect sense to update the featured garments to showcase this year's winner's work of art.

The Official Poster of this year's Grad Show
I decided to stay and do a little personal research to satisfy my ever persistent curiosity. As I sat in a corner to observe the classes that are going on, I noticed a fellow schoolmate doing some sketches on a nearby table.

Not just any fashion design graduate
Embracing my inner Oprah, I decided to come over and engage in a short tête-à-tête with this fierce 19yr old designer just to get to know him better and perhaps gain some inspiration from his accomplishments.

Joy Chicano
FIP's Designer of the Year 2012
After intruding his personal space with my Dora the Explorer level of curiosity, I asked him if I can do a very informal interview about his unforgettable experience and with a very humble laugh, he agreed as he continued with his sketch.

(The following dialogue is not verbatim. I just wrote down some keywords on my sketch pad just to capture the essence of his answers.)

One of Joy's pieces
Photo by: Bethoven Filomeno
Me: How do you describe your collection?

Joy: It's wearable but it's quite hard to wear. The models needed some assistance to put the garments on. I just wanted my clothes to be unique.

Me: What was the inspiration behind your pieces of wearable art?

Joy: I read a book about Russian women during the war and that's where I based my collection.

Joy's Collection
Photo by: Bethoven Filomeno
Me: So where do you source you fabrics?

Joy: In Divisoria. Mostly for this collection I used some cheap fabrics.

Me: So I guess you have that turning something cheap into something expensive going on?

Joy: I guess so.

Me: Was your aesthetic always been like this?

Joy: Not really. I always wanted to do couture before but when I took up Pattern Making, I started to respond more towards wearable clothes. I want my clothes to be marketable.

Some of Joy's previous sketches
Me: Here comes the inevitable question, did you expected to be a part of the top 10 designers? Better yet becoming the Designer of the Year?

Joy: I never expected anything. We were 33 designers and after I won FaDAL Manila Design Novitiate Award, I went off stage and I was already happy.

Me: Isn't that a hint that the odds are in your favor?

Joy: I never thought of anything like that.

Me: I remember you being called last in the announcement of the top 10. It was like your Venus Raj moment. (laughs) Moving on, What does winning that FaDAL Manila Design Novitiate Award entail?

Joy: I get to be a probationary member of FaDAL for term 2013-2015.

Me: I may not grasp the weight of that award yet but nonetheless congratulations! I guess for my own sake, I need to research more about FaDAL and what they do. Anyways, since you became the Designer of the Year, what are prizes that you get to enjoy?

Joy: A trip to Paris and 10k worth of food and beverage from Resorts World Manila and I overnight stay at Maxim's Hotel. That's just what I can recall.

Me: So what happen's to your collection now? Do you get to keep it or are you planning to sell them?

Joy: I'm gonna keep it of course! For sentimental value, and because it is my first. If by any chance a client would want have one of those designs, I will simply offer that I can make a replica of the original.

Me: Aside from you winning, I've always been interested with you fashion statement. Where do you get your clothes especially the white one that you wore on your graduation night?

Joy: I make my own clothes and sometimes I wear thrifted garments just like what I'm wearing right now. As for the garment that I wore during my graduation night, I made it myself. I just draped a white fabric on a mannequin and then without any premeditated plans, I started cutting.

Joy during the Grad Show
Photo by: Bethoven Filomeno
Me: If given a chance, who is your dream client?

Joy: I have many dream clients but just to answer your question for now, I'll have to say Anne Curtis.

Me: So what's next for Joy Chicano?

Joy: Right now I really can't say. FIP gave me an opportunity to teach Basic and Advance Pattern and I accepted that offer. Aside from that, I guess I we will just have to wait and see.

Me: And finally, just to add one silly question to the bunch, if you are not a designer right now, what could you be?

Joy: A chef.

Joy's finished sketch after the interview.
Even if I kinda distracted Joy a bit, he was still able to finish what he needed to do. Not only was my inner Oprah satisfied, I was also able get to know Joy even more.

By the way, I can't believe I finished my first interview for my blog! I am happy that good things are just coming my way. I guess I was really able to absorb Joy's positive disposition in life. Now I see my future as bright as it can be. May the good times keep on rolling!

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I hope you enjoyed this post!


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  1. thank you for the blog,,,,many people doesn't know how hard he faced before his graduation,,, and you will not believe that his allowance from our nanay is just 500 a week,,,the pension that nanay is already loaned for about 4 years just to finished joy2's dream.... in behalf of our family we thank you....