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Mega Young Designers Competition 2013 Episode 8 Review

We wanted drama, Mega YDC 2013 gave us all the drama! This week's episode has got to be my favorite one yet. I just love how the show ups their entertainment value every single episode.

Before I start with this week's review, I have to come clean about not being able to watch last week's episode. The high heaven knows how much I cursed Metro Manila's traffic jams for hindering me to enjoy the only show that I watch on TV.

Thank goodness Joy and Rona gave me an idea about what happened last week. Here's a quick recap:

- The young design ranked their fellow competitors based on who they feel is their biggest threat. Jinggay was in third place, Adrian was second, and Joy and Emir were tied for the first place. This is basically the ranking for their FIP graduation last year. How funny is that?

- Like I mentioned in my previous reviews, House Herrera is turning out to be the Team Coco aka the underdog of this competition.

- House Herrera got a double whammy when Marian and Melville got eliminated. I honestly believe that it was Melville's time but Marian? Seriously? She got eliminated way to early if you ask me.

When I told Rona how upset I was for missing last week's drama, she assured me that this week's episode is everything and will totally make up for what I missed. Girl, this week's episode was so juicy that the Twitterverse  (Yes, this term is an Oxford Dictionary word. Check it out here.) exploded with very opinionated tweets.

This week's controversial young designer 

Mega YDC 2012 Winner

Brian's friend

You are so right Adin. This is the price of reality TV
so you better buckle up my dear.

The episode started when the young designers were invited by Tetta Ortiz-Matera to attend Mega's 10 Most Beautiful Party. At the event, just like always, the designers were informed about their next challenge. I can still remember the day when Joy and Rona thought they invited me to attend the event to support them. I ended up sewing at school, because they both thought that the other one invited me.

Jinggay was featured a lot this episode because she is the only standing young designer of House Herrera. She talked about how hard it was to lift the house's spirit specially after the double elimination that happened last week. As expected, being the competition's underdog is slowly taking it's toll on the house's mentors. Jinggay did what she can to boost the house's morale, and that made me notice and like her more this week.

Now let's talk about the fashion council. After each house presented their look, the fashion council loved Adrian's and Brian's look, while they didn't show Emir's and Adin's design some love. After House Quinoñes was announced as this week's challenge winner and Brian as the winning designer, Paul Herrera spoke up about his Brian's design. As it turned out, the young designers were given a chance to take their pieces home to finish it. When the designers presented their finished garments, it was very noticeable that Brian changed his original design. Changing one's design is a very sensitive issue since Mega YDC is a design competition. This discovery rattled the fashion council which led to further discussion. Each mentor gave their thoughts about the issue. Puey stood by his house, the twins wanted justice, Jeffrey decided to become Switzerland and be more neutral but leaning more towards the Herrera twins. What amused me the most was Adrian's balls to speak his mind. I'm pretty sure there were a lot of comments off camera, but declaring a clear stand as a young designer in front of the fashion council requires a lot of balls and integrity.

After all this drama, just as the show was about to reach it's climax, they cued in the credits and we got a preview of next week's episode. Define cliffhanger! Now let's go over my notes shall we?

- Joy's reaction upon hearing this week's challenge is very beaucon! (Beaucon = Beauty Contest)

- Rona thought she can drink a lot and go on party mode at the 10 Most Stylish Party. She got a bit disappointed. Party girl image much?

- Jinggay, the lone ranger, is feeling black. Not black like African American, but black like emotionally numb. She's neither happy nor sad after what happened last week.

- Jinggay is clearly the glue that binds House Herrera. I guess this is where her maturity comes to play.

- Paul Herrera said he stopped caring since last episode. I beg to disagree, I believe he cared more and even developed a longing for a sense of fairness in the competition.

- Now that Marian left the competition, Rona is slowly being edited as Marian. I even teased her about it since we watched this episode together. Girl, EOP (English Only Please) for confessionals? Lol

- I love Puey Quinoñes hair. I was even compelled to tweet it.

- IMHO. Brian's design is completely different after he took it home. Brian is insisting that he just reinterpreted his design and that he never changed it. The original design got those white pads that looked like sad marshmallows, and when he returned all that silliness got edited out. Design-wise, it was a good decision. Competition-wise, it's like he just kissed the spider woman.

- Girl!!! Reinterprent = Change. If you don't agree with my analogy, then we will most likely have a verbal dispute. Bring in the linguists and philosophers please!

- I love Joey Mead!!! More Joey Mead please!

- Did Sari Yap lose weight? She looks beautiful.

- Again, I admire Adrian's balls for speaking up. He is now one of my favorites in the show.

- With regards to Brian shouting at the Herrera twins, well that was gutsy and ballsy but its not a wise move. A dignified and modulated voice would've been more appropriate, as opposed to shouting. This is why being tactful and tasteful is always important.

- Brian said that the others are just threatened by him. Uhm... how about we check last week's ranking result? Anyways, this bold statement translates as his attempt to lift himself through all this intrigue.

- Puey was pissed and walked out... very Naomi Campbell in The Face!!! So my The Face analogy was so spot on! The Herrera twins = Coco Rocha (Underdog),  Puey Quiñones = Naomi Campbell (Most Wins), Jeffrey Rogador = Carolina Kurkova (Silent threat for other competitors).

- I also loved the fact that Paul Herrera voiced out his thoughts. I can totally relate to him in this episode. If given the chance to be in that same situation, I will definitely speak up at the drop of a hat.

-Since Marian is no longer in the running, I will make another fearless forecast. For the final 3, I am pretty sure Joy and Adrian are already shoe ins, unless there's another game changer. For the final slot, Jinggay and Emir will have to go head to head. Rona is the possible dark horse.

I don't know how to further express my praise for this week's episode. Once again, Mega YDC 2013 struck reality TV gold in this week's episode and the bar is being raised higher and higher. If you failed to watch this episode last Monday, I am telling you that you have to watch it this Sunday on ETC at 10am. You have to watch it. You just have to! You owe it to yourself. ^_^

Anyways that's all I can say for now about this week's episode. Please feel free to sound off below. You can also follow me on twitter (@FabulousJV) and tweet me your thoughts.

Au revoir for now!

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