Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My Mega Pinoy Pride Ball 2013 Experience Part 1

It all started with one simple call on an ordinary Thursday. When I picked up my phone and answered that call, I had no idea that I was in for one of life's surprises.

The lady on the other line was none other than Ms. G Tongi herself, inviting me to come and join them at the Mega Pinoy Pride Ball 2013. I was also informed that they will have the Mega YDC Allstars' finale on that same day. Since I usually write about the show, it was a dream come true to attend that event and have a sneak peek of what they will show in the next coming weeks. I remember being all formal at first and then reduced into a squealing fan boy in a matter of seconds during that phone conversation.

The Finale

A few hours before the Mega Pinoy Pride Ball 2013, I had my make over done to fulfill my goal of changing my image before my birthday. I think my transformation was quite successful don't you think?

Make over anyone?

It was around 6pm when I arrived at the Makati Shangri-La when Mr. Gerard Escay, Media Relations Officer of One Mega Group, met me at the Makati Ballroom to give me my press kit, the program, and some guidelines for the event. This marked my first time as a press person in any event and it was just not any other event, it is one of the most fashionable and exclusive events of the year.

Thank you Mega!

I still believe that I was a doctor in my past life

After having dinner, courtesy of Mr. Gerard Escay, I positioned myself in the best possible place in the red carpet. While I expected that the other press people have their powerful DSLR cameras, with tripods and all, I chose to use my handy-dandy Samsung Note 2 to do my blogger duties.

G Tongi in Rajo Laurel
Sari Yap in Avel Bacudio
Michael Carandang in Francis Libiran

Regine Velasquez in Cary Santiago

Robbie Carmona in Rajo Laurel

Empress Schuck

Albert Andrada

Tim Yap

Daniel Matsunaga

Meryll Yan in Jerome Lorico

Venus Raj in Eric de los Santos

Phoemela Baranda in Rhett Eala

Janine Tugonon in Cherry Veric

Pia, Elmo, Arkin, and Clara Magalona

Maxine, Frank , and Saab Magalona

The Fabulous people behind Mega

Roco Nacino in Rhett Eala

KC Montero in Zara
Rhian Ramos in Mark Bumgarner

Julia Barretto in Pepsi Herrera

Pops Fernandez in Rajo Laurel

I also remember Ms. G Tongi asking me to take her photo with Michael Carandang using her mobile phone. As I reached for her mobile, I introduced myself and I was surprised her reaction. Ms. G told me that she was happy to finally meet me. She is just the sweetest person. She said that after looking at me, she and Michael Carandang were wondering if FabulousJV attended their event. I guess they didn't recognize me because of my look. She then told me to take their photo using my phone instead so that she can just retweet it later.

Michael Carandang and G Tongi

I felt like I'm a teenage version of Joan Rivers and a paparazzi all rolled in one that night. Can you imagine asking celebrities who they are wearing while taking their photo at the same time? Plus, I also edited some photos to fit Instagram's square format, then tweet it, and even tag the celebrities and designers on real time. All these, while waiting for the next celeb to stop and pose for the camera. I never anticipated everything to go so fast that I only managed a few tweets.

Aside from taking photos of celebrities, I also took photos of those who wore clothes that really caught my eyes. I may not know their names but one thing is for sure, they have a fierce sense of style.

When the Mega YDC 2013 finalists stepped into the red carpet, Joy greeted me as if we were just inside FIP Makati. It's good to see that the top three are all getting along. I jokingly asked them if it is really the Mega YDC Finale or if it's FIP's 2012 Graduation Show 2.0.

Emir Yamamoto, Joy Chicano,
and Adrian Sahagun

The other contestants are also there to support their fellow designers. When Rona told them that I'm the one who blogs about their show, they pulled me out of the press side into the red carpet and gave me a very warm welcome. These young designers are just so nice and friendly that I finally stopped feeling alone in that room full of people.

Mega Young Designers 2013

Mega Young Designers with Jed Velasco

Rona in Puey Quiñones

The controversial Brian Evalle

As the only press person on the red carpet, I still took some photos just before the young designer's invited me to join them inside the ballroom.

Karylle in Rhett Eala
Rona being interviewed






After getting in, I saw Ms. G smiling at me so I did what any logical person would do. I asked for a photo op. I can't say this enough, she is just the sweetest!

Ms. G Tongi and I

I was also happy to see that one the shows mentors, Chris Diaz, was there to support his colleagues.

Paul Herrera, Puey Quiñones, John Herrera,
Chris Diaz, Rona, and Marian

While taking their photo, we heard the Lupang Hinirang playing so we stood straight and paid respect to our national anthem. After the song was over, we took that as a signal that it's time to go and take our places because the event is about to start.

Inside the Rizal Ballroom

I would like to send my gratitude to Mr. Michael Carandang, Mr. Jed Velasco, and Ms. G Tongi for giving me this opportunity to witness their event. This is a truly memorable experience for me and also a very early birthday present at the same time. ^_^

For now, that's all I can say about the Mega Pinoy Pride Ball 2013. I will create other posts about this event in the next few days. Please continue reading my blog and follow me on Twitter (@FabulousJV), Instagram (FabulousJV).

Au revoir for now!



I just saw my picture with the Mega YDC contestants, Michael Carandang, and Jed Velasco on! ( ^_________________________________________________________________^ )


  1. <3 Love your makeover! Mas maganda yan JV! :) <3
    Happy feels while reading this post, so proud of you. Hehe.

    1. Thank you sis! When can we see each other? It's been ages since the last time. Let's watch Eljay's play sa Virgin Labfest!