Monday, October 22, 2012

All White: Vintage Cher and Moi!

I love vintage! That's why I'm opening my new online shop, The Vintage in My Closet, in less than 72hrs. Aside from vintage, I also love Cher! So I guess it make sense to say that I love vintage Cher!!!

Vintage Cher

I may not have existed yet during the 70's until the early 80's but since I love Cher, thanks to Will and Grace, I did some research about her. I found out that she was fabulous way before I was brought to this world.

Before Lady Gaga and Bjork, there was Cher! She was a fashionista who was never afraid to express herself through her clothes especially during her 70's show The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour.

The Goddess that is Cher

During her era, she pushed the limits of what one can wear specially during Hollywood's biggest event, The Academy Awards.

Cher at The 58th Academy Awards, 1986

Cher winning Best Actress for Moonstruck, 1988

That's why when Cher and Lady Gaga shared the stage, when the former presented the award for Video of the Year to the latter, it was like the icon is now passing the torch to the new fashion and music icon.

Lady Gaga held the Moon Man, Cher held the Meat Purse!

Anyway, as an inspiration for our Year-End Party, I choose one of Cher's iconic image since our theme was "Music Icons". I decided that it's a perfect time to turn my fantasy, dressing up as my beloved music icon, into reality.

The inspiration for my look.

I decided to wear a white jumpsuit in lieu to Cher's swarovskis. I wanted to attract attention but not too much attention.

My modest yet modern interpretation of my beloved icon's look

I wore white because I know that it will automatically make me stand out. I had a gut feeling that the crowd will go for mostly dark clothing instead of going all out with bright colors. As it turned out, I was right on the money. My risky choice paid off!

Just like Cher, I chose to wear a headdress as icing on the cake. A shimmering accessory during a party never fails to invoke interest. I also just wanted to have fun with it, after all it is a party!

I also wanted to play with textures to compliment my white ensemble so I added a leopard print belt with a native hand bag to achieve that exotic feel to my overall look.

I miss these gilrs!!!
(Tonie, Jamer, Mads, and Bean)

At the party, I remembered a moment when a guy asked me a favor if I can take their photo. I was a little embarrassed at that time because I was dressed up and all and a total stranger asked me to take their photo?  I just smiled and took a deep breath as I reached for his camera. The funny thing was, I got it all wrong. Apparently he didn't want me to take their photo, he wanted to take a photo with me with his buddies. It was my first time to experience that kind of attention. That's when I realized that I did to put together an intriguing ensemble.

After several photo ops with other people, I decided to sit down with my girls as we planned where we would go. After deciding that we should call it a night, since we are all very tired, I just need to have one last pose on the red carpet to remember that moment.

Workin' it!

I can't stop smiling whenever I browse through these photos, not only because it was a time when I was still svelte, but also because I loved how I rocked that white jumpsuit!!!

Now let's have a look if I have achieved my goal of doing a fabulous and modern twist of Cher's Vintage Look.

Fashion Face-Off: Vintage Cher and Moi

I hope you enjoyed my entry as much as I did creating it.

Au revoir for now!

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