Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Day I Fell in Love with the Phantom of the Opera

It was around 11:00AM when I received a text message from a friend asking me if I want to sneak a peak at the backstage of The Phantom of the Opera, and without any second thoughts I immediately replied with a big YES! That was the beginning of my really interesting day.

The Longest running Broadway Show

I've been looking for someone who wants to watch the show with me but as it turned out, my friends either watched it already, can't afford it, or simply not interested. For those who are not interested, I guess I will never understand them.

It was around 2:30 PM when I arrived at Greenbelt 1 where I made an impulse purchase of the show's ticket. My logic was, what's the point of going to the backstage of the Longest Running Broadway Musical if haven't even watched it. Right? 

My Facebook post a few hours before the show.

I have to say that I was very lucky to purchase a ticket at student price with an amazing seat (please refer to the photo above). I don't know about you, but I believe that I struck a good bargain thanks to the TicketWorld lady at Greenbelt 1. Remember, it pays to be nice to people.

After I purchased my ticket, I immediately visited the Phantom of the Opera display at Greenbelt. The costumes were divine. I can only imagine the time and effort put into each costume because the details are nothing short of impeccable. I am taking Fashion Embellishments right now so I know how tedious it is to sew those numerous crystals and sequins.

Here are the costumes on display at Greenbelt 5.

Carlotta and Kristine

Kristine and the Phantom

The Masquerade

Right after my very brief stroll in Greenbelt, I went home to prepare my things for the night's event. As much as I wanted to change clothes in my humble apartment, I was really pressed for time so I decided to change inside the cab. It was so 27 Dresses!

So I hailed a cab in Kalayaan and then I gave the driver a warning that I will be swiftly transform in his backseat while we were held on traffic in Edsa. The driver said that I should wait for the traffic to move in order to avoid raising any suspicions from the MMDA and other motorists. With no other choice, I wasleft to simply comply.

When I arrived in arrived early in CCP, I just grabbed some bite to eat at the venue's lobby while I waited for the open house.

Alone but still workin' it!

As expected, my jaws dropped because of the mind blowing set and the spectacular costumes. The singing was nothing short of perfection. The productions numbers, a piece of Broadway musical heaven.

Special mention for the Phantom himself who never
failed to amuse me every time he goes onstage.

While I was watching the show, I remember the story of The Hunch back of Notre Dame due to it's similar plot. Both were written by a French author and are about a deformed creature, who lives in seclusion, who fell in love with a beautiful maiden only to be heartbroken as she walked away with a handsome lad.

Photo from Google Images

As the show progressed, I was simply astonished by the spectacles of each scene and the pristine singing and dancing of the performers. It was simply magical. Nothing else really mattered except for the actors' commendable bravura on stage.

An image from the souvenir program

Right after the show, I met with my friend Ina to get our backstage pass. Apparently, Ina's sister's friend (Yes. It's one of those see all connections moment) who works for TicketWorld was the one who got us our golden ticket. That same guy, was also the one I asked earlier where the restroom was, just 3mins before the show. It was just funny how he directed me to both the men and the women's restroom and then he asked me to just choose whichever I prefer. I choose the women's restroom in a heartbeat, just because it was closer and I was wearing my trusty stilettos. To that guy, if you are reading this, thank you.

My ticket and my personalized backstage pass.

Sorry if I don't have any backstage photos because the use of camera or any recording devices is strictly prohibited. Like the Company Manager said, "we wouldn't want to give away the magic of our show." This time without any hesitations, of course I complied.

After having a tour of the backstage where they kept the sets and costumes, we went back to the lobby to have some photo ops with the Phantom wall.

Your fabulousness with my very dear friend, Ina.
Another last minute look.

For my first time to watch a Broadway show, it was definitely memory worth keeping. So just like any other sentimental people out there, I just had to get some things to remind me of this moment.

Here are the souvenir pieces that I bought.

The quintessential souvenir program.

I gravitated towards this keychain
so I bought it for myself.
The Glow in the Dark Shirt
The Glow in the Dark Shirt

I just found this bracelet cute so I bought it for my mom.

A cute cap for my sister.

Yes, I did go a little overboard with the souvenirs but the odds of The Phantom of the Opera coming back here is like next to nothing.

By the way, I enjoyed the show very much that I went back the following day to the lady of TicketWorld in Greenbelt to buy tickets for my mom and my sister. It would be a pity if they only have the souvenirs but never experienced the show itself right?

So that was my experience. If you haven't watched the show yet then I highly recommend that you get your tickets now! They are almost sold out and again, the chances of them coming back is like winning the lottery and being hit by lightning at the same time. I assure you, it's an experience that you shouldn't miss. For me, it was definitely a money-well-spent-experience just like my Lady Gaga concert moment.

Again, I would like to thank my dear friend Ina
for this memorable experience. ^_^

That's all for now! Au revoir my loves!


Anthony Downing aka Raoul with moi!!!

Right after the 3pm show last saturday, as I was accompanying my mom and my sister back to our car, we luckily bumped into Raoul at CCP's Artist Entrance! How lucky was I? I guess now my Phantom of the Opera experience is now complete! ^_^

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