Thursday, October 4, 2012

Bonifacio Global City and My Evolving Fashion Sense

Tuesday, I got a copy of Bonifacio Global City's Official Magazine Soul BGC.

As I was flipping through the pages of the magazine, I saw my picture on page 4. I am very surprised to know that I won their contest and I am their Reader of the Month!

It's been over 2 years since I moved from my old place in Makati to my new flat near Bonifacio Global City. Since then, I've always loved to explore the city because every now and then I discover something new in BGC.

I was this skinny 2years ago.

I've always found the city as something very fresh and exciting. Just like the locale, I am also a work in progress in terms of my aesthetics and fashion sensibilities.

with my friends (2 year ago).

As the city grew in terms of it's buildings and establishments, I also started to transition from my svelte figure to a more voluptuous form. I guess I have to blame those restos in Burgos Circle, Bonifacio Highstreet, Serendra, and Market! Market!

Wearing a Malong while strolling around
Bonifacio High Street (1 year ago)

As you can see, my taste in fashion is continuously evolving thanks to the inspired artworks that I see around the city just like Reg Yuson's Specific Gravity.

The iconic boulder fountain in Bonifacio HighStreet
Photo from: Bonifacio Global City's Website

Fast forward to the present, just like any contestant in a competition, I am very happy to win and see my picture on page 4 of Soul BGC.

Can you find the hidden FabulousJV?

Let's pause and take a closer look?

Hello fab-you-louz!

If you've read some of my previous posts, this photo may seem familiar. It's because I've already posted this photo in my Alexander McQueen Fall 2012 review.

At the corner of 31st and 2nd
Photo by Biey Arpilleda

Earlier today, I went to Fort Bonifacio Development Corporation's office at the Bonifacio Technology Center to redeem my prizes. Ironically, that building is right across the street from the same spot where my photo was taken.

The first image that I saw as I enter the glass door

As I waited in their lobby, I can't help but notice how their office is so nice and warm. I can't help but wonder about the type of work they do in that place. Are there any openings? Am I qualified for any positions?

The Lobby

As I continued to formulate questions in my head, Ms. Marie T. Benzon, the Assistant Manager for Marketing of FBDC, greeted me with a smile as she handed me my prizes.

The Prizes:  an Eco Bag, a BGC Shirt, USB Flash Drive,
10 Hop On Hop Off Complimentary Tickets, Php500 GC from Havaianas
and a Free Parking stub (not in picture)

I'm so thankful that I to get to live in such a wonderful place, winning the contest is just icing on the cake. So I guess I will create another post about my Hop On Hop Off Experience as I use those complimentary tickets. I'm also excited to go to Bonifacio Highstreet to visit All Flip-flops to use my GC. Man do I need another pair of those Havaianas. You can never get too much of those right?

So that's all for now my loves. Until my next post! Au revoir for now!

My Home
Photo from Bonifacio Global City's Facebook Page

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