Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Vintage in my Closet FAQs

How do I purchase items from The Vintage in my Closet?

The Vintage in my Closet is an online auction page.
Each featured item will have a Starting Bid Price and a Buy Out Price.
Items will be up for grabs for a limited time.
You can bid by typing MINE (your bid) or SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY on the item's album.
No other formats will be entertained during the bidding process

Anyone can open the bidding game by typing MINE (Starting Price) in the comments section.
Succeeding bids should be at least Php10.00 higher than the previous amount.
The highest bidder at the end of the time limit wins the featured item.

If a bidder wants to purchase the item right away and end the bidding process, the buyer must comment SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY and he/she will automatically win the featured item.

What if I have the same bid amount with another bidder?

As per standard English Auction rules, the one who comments first on the item has the right to stand by that bid. If you still wish to bid for the item then you have to bid at least Php10.00 higher than the previous amount.

After winning an the bidding process, how do I pay for my purchase?

After the end of each auction, we will declare it as SOLD in the comment box.
The winning bidder should send us a personal message with an accomplished order form.
Kindly wait for our confirmation that we received your order form within 24hrs.
As soon as you receive our reply with our bank account, you can deposit your payment to any BPI branch.
Please text us ASAP once you accomplish the payment process.
We should receive your payments within 24hrs from the time that we send our bank account, otherwise your order will be forfeited.

Bidders who consistently fail to comply with the payment process will not be entertained in any future auctions.
So how can I received my item?

All items are delivered via Xend then the buyer must shoulder the delivery cost (Php60.00 - Metro Manila / Php100.00 - Outside Metro Manila).
Orders completed Monday-Thursday will receive their item on Friday. Orders completed by Friday-Sunday will receive their item on Tuesday. Upon pick up, we will send you the tracking number of your package so that you can track them via Xend.com.ph. In cases of delays, we will inform you as soon as possible.

If a bidder purchased multiple items, a special delivery method may be arranged.

For meet up: Details to be announced.

When will a new item be released?

To make sure that each item will have their moment of glory, a new collection will only be released after the previous auction is closed. Mostly likely a new collection may be featured every week.

Can I be Waitlisted on an item?

The top 3 bidders will be automatically wait-listed for the item. In any instance that the top bidder fails to complete the payment procedure, then the 2nd highest bidder may get the item and if the 2nd highest bidder still can't get the item, then the 3rd bidder gets to buy the item.

Can I ask more about the item?

Of course! During the bidding process, bidders can inquire about the items on hand. We will be online most of the time to track the bidding process and we will do our best to reply to all inquiries as much as possible.

What is The Display Closet?

In cases that items are not purchase during the auction period, unsold items will be moved to The Display Closet where they will be up for grabs until someone purchased the item. The price will depend on the item's previous starting bid price. Just comment MINE! to reserved the item. Same rules apply for the payment and delivery.

Important Notice!!!

All sold items are considered as final. The Vintage in My Closet is implementing a strict NO RETURN NO EXCHANGE NO REFUND POLICY, just like Flea Markets, Thrift Stores, and Garage Sales.

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