Sunday, June 2, 2013

My Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2013 Experience: Jag Origins and Nina Garcia

It felt like I haven't posted anything in this blog for ages since I was just so busy with a ton of school related stuff. For my first blog post for June, I want to share my experience at the Jag Origins event where they featured Project Runway Judge and Marie Claire Creative Director Nina Garcia.

Last week, I was lucky enough to score a VIP invite for the Jag Origins show. Thanks to my classmate, Lee, from haute couture techniques.

Lee and I

The show started when the lovely hostess, Sarah Meier, gave us an introduction and overview of what the event was all about. As it turned out, that evening gave birth to an annual event by Jag, which aimed to feature talented Filipino designers as well as to invite influential figures of the international fashion scene in the hopes of inspiring young creative minds.

The show started with Jag's Holiday 2013 Collection, which ended with the lovely Binibining Pilipinas 2013 winners working the runway. Btw, I will only post my favorite look per set. All runway photos are courtesy of

Cropped Jeans for the ladies

Stretch jeans for the guys

Bb. Pilipinas Supranational Mutya Johanna Datul

Jag Origins also collaborated with three very talented Filipino designers, Norman Noriega, Jeffrey Rogador, and Jerome Salaya Ang.

Designed by Norman Noriega

Norman Noriega's collection was all loose, flowy, and very feminine. It's something that a self-assured beautiful woman would wear. I am somehow getting a moden day goddess feel in his designs.

Designed by Jeffrey Rogador

Urban is something that Mega YDC Allstars' Jeffrey Rogador does best. After all, what is more urban than denim? It's like he embraced the very nature of denim and turned it into something fresh and hip.

Designed by Jerome Salaya Ang

Jerome Salaya Ang's collection turned me into a teary-eyed fashion fanatic. His collection, together with Lana del Ray's Young and Beautiful made a very dramatic runway show. It was all denim opulence from first look to the last.

Nina Garcia while watching the runway show

In order to stop my fashion fanatic tears from falling, I decided to check Nina Garcia's reaction while watching the show. I could tell in her expression that she was impressed with what the young designers showcased.

Boy Abunda interviewing Nina Garcia

Boy Abunda interviewed Nina Garcia and asked questions that we've always wanted to ask, as well as some that I never thought of. I am amazed by her passion for fashion and her truly inspiring story. Just when I thought I am already passionate about what I do, Nina Garcia ignited something in me that made me what to pursue fashion now more than ever.

Nina Garcia walking the runway for the fans

While the Creative Director of Marie Claire was sharing her wisdom, just like the next person on that same night, I felt like she was talking directly to me and giving me some very useful pieces of advice. Here are some pointers that I will keep in order to survive the fashion jungle:

- As a young designer, I must stay focused and true to who I am. I should be unique and authentic because these traits will always reflect on my designs.

- Fashion is a really competitive world. It is a very fickle industry and is always searching for the next big thing. Having this type of constant pressure creates very insecure people.

- Beauty is overrated, while style is all about one's character. Being stylish is more important than being beautiful.

After the talk, I wanted to approach Nina Garcia for a photo op, but since my friend's Iphone got lost (Yes, so always be careful even if you are in fashion week), I settled for a picture by the Jag Origins photo wall.

My favorite Bb. Pilipinas

While I was having my photo taken by the Jag Origins wall, the high heavens must've felt for me and gave me a consolation prize  a photo op with Shamcey Supsup. ^_^

Photo by: Via Valencia
Cape by: Joy Chicano
Hair and Make Up by: Rona Lyn

Of course before I left, I had my ootd photo taken by the Philippine Fashion Week wall as a remembrance. I just love my made-to-order cape, as well as my hair and make up. Btw, if you have two Mega YDC 2013 contestants helping you create your look for the day, how can you not feel stylish?

That's all that I can say about this event. Until my next blog post!

Au revoir for now!


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