Thursday, June 6, 2013

My Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2013 Experience: Visions and Trends

I know that this post is 2 weeks too late, as well as a few minutes late for a Throwback Thursday post, but I still would like to share my other Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2013 experience. This time I'm gonna talk about the Visions and Trends runway show.

Wearing my own creation

Since I'm still studying in the Fashion Institute of the Philippines Makati, I get to interact with the one and only Oz Go every Mondays during his Basic Pattern class. Before my Haute Couture class started, I don't have much to do every Mondays so I just go to school to see if there's anything I can do to be productive. One day, I decided to ask sir Oz if I can intern for him just so that I can learn something new while doing something of importance.

Oz Go and I

Together with my classmates Ronnie, Viv, and Joana, we helped sir Oz with the menial jobs required in making a collection. Even though we didn't do much to help sir Oz with his very complicated patterns, I still felt more productive fusing some of his fabrics as opposed to formulating a survival plan for a possible zombie apocalypse. Yes, I watch too much The Walking Dead and I need to stop obsessing about it fast. 

With my classmates Bernard, Via, Viv, and Joana

We were all thrilled to know that we, together with his other students, are invited to watch his collection walk down the runway. Who wouldn't want to watch the Visions and Trends part of Philippine Fashion Week right? I always loved the collections that they showcase for this show. Btw, all runway photos are courtesy of

Happy Andrada

Happy Andrada's collection was definitely up my alley. I just love the flow of the fabrics, as well as the silhouettes of her pieces. No one can deny the femininity of this collection. The styling was spot on and the hats were to die for. I just don't know why, but this somehow reminds me of Tan Gan's window displays which is a good thing because I adore that boutique.

Oz Go

During my short lived internship with sir Oz, he told me his inspiration for this collection. From that day on, I knew that his clothes will create a statement as they walked down the runway. The music used for this runway show, Queen of the Night, was divine. I live for opera music. IMHO, Oz Go's collection is the most fully realized collection of this set. That's how you do a hot and fashionable librarian.

Russell Villafuerte

Russell Villafuerte's collection screams BDSM due to the leather and studs detailing of his looks. This collection reminded me of Fifty Shades of Grey. While watching this show, I was torn about I felt about the show. Maybe I just don't understand? Maybe I need to do some more research? Maybe I am not the market for this type of clothes? One thing I know for sure is that the collection sparked interest and that is always a good thing.

Santi Obcena

I am definitely the market for Santi Obcena's designs. I totally love the look that I posted above. His collection gave a modern japanese vibe and that is one sure way to catch my attention.

Xernan Orticio

If Santi Obcena's designs gave me a modern japanese vibe, Xernan Orticio's designs gave me a sophisticated and elegant japanese feel. I just love the origami-like details of the dress. These are the types of clothes that has fantasy and wearability at the same time.

One reason why I love going to fashion week is that I get to see the designer's clothes walk down the runway. Since pictures cannot always capture the beauty and the essence of these clothes, seeing them in person makes all the difference. Once again, I would like to thank sir Oz for inviting us to watch his  amazing collection.

Anyways, that's all I can say about this experience.

Au revoir for now!


  1. You are so bongga, JV. Can a nobody like me get to try wearing your creations, too?

    1. Of course! When I'm super ready to create made-to-order clothes. Couture! ^_^

    2. What a fabulous entrepreneurial answer haha! Ok, looking forward to that! Hope to blog about some of your works sometime.

  2. I attended the Puey Quinones fashion show tonight at the Fort. I saw some inspired pieces by Puey and was impressed by a new designer he seems to have with him. I only heard the name Rona, but I think I recognise her from the Mega Show in ETC, Can you confirm this fabulous?

    1. Puey has 2 designers under his wing as far as I know, both from Mega YDC. The girl's name is Rona, while the boy's name is Joy. They are both my close friends. ^_^