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Mega Young Designers Competition 2013 Episode 10 Review

It's been a very long week for me, which is why I am only posting my weekly review today. Since I got a new job as a Property Investment Consultant for Alveo (Yes! I am now juggling real estate and fashion), I realized that I have to carefully plan my blogging schedule from this point on. As per usual, I missed the Monday show because of the chaotic traffic in Makati. Anyways, let's now move on to our weekly review before I talk about how bipolar the Philippine weather is right now.

After weeks of searching for the next big name in fashion, we are now down to our 5 young designers. We have Joy of House Quiñones, Jinggay of House Herrera, and Emir, Adrian, and Rona of House Rogador. Who do you think will make it to the Mega Pinoy Pride Ball?

This week's show started with Ms. G talking to the remaining young designers. After talking to the members of each house, Mega Fashion Crew Season 3 Host Suki Salvador introduced the young designers' toughest challenge to date: The 48-hour Challenge. The young designers are expected to produce a women's and men's complete look within a 48-hour period. No one's going home, no one is leaving the Style and Design Academy, and no one is safe. This challenge is torture for them but definitely good TV for us. Isn't this the very meaning of schadenfreude?

Immediately after announcing the challenge, Suki Salvador talked to the young designers about their inspirations. Since it all happened so fast, the first ones looked very confused and cant give a concrete inspiration. Suki gave his honest opinion about what the young designers told him. As I expected, the first ones were slammed while the last ones got the praises because they had some extra time to think.

When the young designers went to Carolina's for their fabric sourcing, almost all of them had issues with the availability of their desired materials. I have to say that it is really tough to find your desired fabric here in the Philippines. So as usual, the young designers dealt with this issue and moved on with their tasks.

Back in the Style and Design Academy, the young designers got a chance to pick their male models and have a little time to goof around and have some fun while working. When mentors arrived to check the progress of their houses, Puey approached the Herreras and had their kiss and make up moment while Jeff was watching the "Treaty of Carolina's" happen. (Read: Treaty of Carolina's is the peace agreement of two houses. Yeah! I made this all up. I still not over with the availability of materials in Carolina's)

Since this is the 48-hour challenge, the young designers slept inside the work room. We had a short glimpse of these designers' true personalities based on how they go to sleep and wake up in the morning. I have to say this episode was even juicier than usual simply because we got to see the fun side of the young designers.

Now let's move on to my favorite part of this review... my notes!

- Joy said that the competition is now boring because the noisy contestants are now gone. I think he is referring to Adin and Brian who were both sent home last week.

- Rona, you are still here! I'm surprised. Are you? -G (I rolled on the floor laughing while watching this episode with Rona)

- Where I am right now is where I'm supposed to be -Jinggay (Love this!)

- Joy was so cute on tv. He is now crossing over to the adorable territory. Very animated yet still naive now that's a potential fan favorite character right there.

- Suki Salvador is very cut throat. I love it!

- Some camera shots are shaky. Sorry to nitpick about these details but I guess I am just very particular with the quality of the shows that I watch.

- Again, Carolina's is no Mood. The fabric choices here in the Philippines is so limited. This is definitely one big challenge for young designers like me.

- Rona was so entertaining when she was asked about her male model. She was reduced into a giggly teenage girl during her confessionals.

- Joy's product placement is the best! Btw, he made hot pants look good when he was about to sleep. Lol

- The Herreras did some yoga poses. Love their balance and flexibility.

- Emir's shot by the Mega sign while thinking of what to do is one good camera shot. I think we need more of these type of creative shots.

- I love the "Beki" moments of the show. Emir and Joy's catwalks are very entertaining. Joy wore high heels while Emir pretended to be a gay Superman.

I have to say that I was pretty happy with this episode. It was so lighthearted and we were able to see the fun side of these young designers. I just hope that Mega YDC will continue to show more of the fun side of our young designers.

That's all I can say about this episode. Let's all tune in to their next episode tonight at 7pm on ETC.

Btw, before I go I just want to share the new image that I am trying to achieve for my new job. Lol

I know right!

Au revoir for now!

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