Sunday, June 16, 2013

Mega Young Designers Competition 2013 Episode 9 Review

We finally got our much needed closure form last episode's controversial cliffhanger. Since I wasn't able to watch the show last Monday because of my Haute Couture class in FIP Makati, I made sure that my full attention is directed only to the replay episode. Thank goodness there's a replay every Sunday at 10am on ETC.

As it turned out, this week's episode was divided into two parts: a recap of what's going on with the competition and the decision of the fashion council. The recap gave us several big scenes from the past episodes, as well as some never before seen footages outside the work room.

In contrast to last week's conflict between Brian and Paul, we saw a much lighter interaction between these two big personalities inside the van. Paul asked Brian a question about who he will kick right off the curve just to get to the top 4. After being placed on the hot seat, Brian cannot choose one of his competitors and bailed out on the question.

Now let's fast forward to the fashion council's decision. Brian and Adin were both called out because they are both up for elimination. The fashion council's head, Sari Yap, gave them a chance to defend themselves in front of the fashion council and the two young designers defended themselves in their own way.

Unlike in previous fashion councils, Brian is more composed and calm while defending his body of work. He stood by his decision and still believes that he didn't change his design. Adin's approach is more of an argumentum ad misericordiam. While crying, he said that he was tempted change his fabric when they were allowed to take home their challenge. As much as he wanted to, he stood by his principle and still continued with what he started even if he know's that it's a trainwreck waiting to happen.

After both designers layed out their arguments, Sari Yap announced that Adin is eliminated. He may be a person with principle but at the end of the day, his design is just isn't at par with the level of the competition. Just after Adin made his exit, Sari Yap announced that Brian is also eliminated on the grounds of breaking the rules. His second design may be a winning piece but rules are rules. The head of the fashion council also pointed out that they are looking for a designer who is a complete package who can take advance in the finals which will take place in the Mega Prinoy Pride Ball.

Now let's move on to my weekly notes:

- I was a bit confused by the first part of the show. I never anticipated that they will insert a recap of the past episodes right after a a very emotional cliffhanger last week.

- I totally agree with Jinggay's statement. Paul is the hostess with the mostess when they are inside the van. He knows how to put on a show and put people in the hotseat. Can someone give him a talkshow already?

- This episode was all about Brian. I realized that Joy and Brian are polar opposites. Brian is so loud while Joy is so timid.

- In the recap, Emir said that he loves to poke fun at Brian's tardiness. These two are friends in real life so there's no hate in this scene.

- We saw Jinggay, Rona, and Brian at the Lifestyle Asia Royal Gala. Brian is wearing his creation, Jinggay was wearing Herrera, while Rona is wearing Puey Quiñones. Wait! Rona is wearing...? Hmmm...

- Aside from a lot of Brian, there's also a lot of birthdays! Emir was just so funny when he said that he liked Melville's birthday because of the food. His reaction was just so funny.

- Brian love to say that he can make beautiful clothes during his defense. When asked about the rules, he didn't address that question directly, he just said that he can make beautiful clothes.

- Adin cried while stating that he followed the rules. It felt like he wanted to say that he shouldn't be eliminated because he followed the rules while trying not to throw Brian under the bus. What can I say? Adin needed to defend himself and that argument is his only fighting chance.

- In response to Adin, Sari said that his work is "Talagang hindi maganda." Now that is one straight forward statement. A "wapak" statement.

- I felt for Brian during his confessional when he cried and stated that he felt he has no one backing him up except Joy and Sir Puey. Well... being on a reality show is no walk in the park. It can make or break you. Let's just wait for his next move after Mega YDC.

I may not get the explosion that I was looking for in this episode, but I enjoyed how they made the designers more human this time around. We saw Brian as a person, instead of leaving the show as  the Jerri Manthey of Mega YDC. This episode also showed us how cut throat the fashion council is for eliminating 2 designers two weeks in a row. Now we only have 5 young designers competing for the top prize. I can't wait to watch their next episode and see what happens.

That's all I can say about this week's episode, I hope you enjoyed reading my blog.

Au revoir for now!

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