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Mega Young Designers Competition 2013 Episode 6 Review

I don't usually post my reviews this late at night, but for this episode I had to step back and reflect on what happened to be as objective as I can for this one. I'm not going to lie, I had a violent reaction about this episode which I will discuss later. As usual I'm going start from the top and then elaborate on my notes as I watched the show.

This week, the designers needed to survive the Viajera challenge. The idea is what a jetsetter Filipina would wear as she travels into a different city. Each house was assigned a fashion capital where the young designer's creations should reflect that city's fashion sensibility fused with the Filipina flair.

When G. Tongi annouced the cities assigned to which house, I was happy that the cities complemented each house's aesthetic. House Rogador got New York City (The definition of Urban), House Herrera got Par (Origin of Haute Couture). House Quinones got Tokyo (Avant Garde at it's finest).

Let's fast forward to the fashion council. This week, the fashion council members are: Naomi Matsuda Monzon from Parisian, the fabulous Divine Lee, my favorite fashion council member Tetta Matera Ortiz, and the ever so stylish Sari Yap. When I heard who the members of the fashion council were, I thought that I will  once again completely agree with their critiques... I was dead wrong.

The fashion council announced that the winner for this challenge is House Quinones and I completely agree with their decision. I loved both Bryan and Joy's looks and it is very Tokyo. Personally, I would love to wear any of their creations from this challenge. After this part, everything went all cray-cray IMHO.

I always find myself agreeing with what the fashion council is saying until this episode. I may not be a fashion expert and I don't know if I missed something, but I think that the bottom two deserved to be the bottom two.

Adin and Melville were nominated by their respective mentors to be up for elimination. One shocking moment for me was when Divine Lee questioned Jeffrey Rogador's decision for putting Adin in the bottom two. The council felt that Jeffrey is sacrificing Adin in order to save Rona since the former was not an original member of the house. Over at House Herrera, the council believes that Marian should've been in Melville's place instead.

The council called Rona and Marian to take the stand and announced that Adin and Melville are safe. The original bottom two went back to their respective houses, while the two ladies on the stand got a verbal smackdown on why they should've been the bottom two without letting the young designers defend themselves. In the end nobody got eliminated. Everyone may be safe for now, but I'm pretty sure some egos were so beated up that I can't wait to watch how they will use that experience for next week's challenge.

Now let's go to my notes:

- When G. Tongi said that House Rogardor is doing New York, Rona's reaction was priceless.

- Jeffrey was late which caused the young designers to panic a bit. Apparently, he was sick which is why he was late. If you are reading this Sir Jeff, please take your vitamins and be healthy. We don't want another sick mentor leaving the competition due to health reasons. Aside from that, your house is still complete and these four designers needs a strong mentor to guide them.

- Week after week, I noticed that Adrian's hair is getting redder and redder. Together with his amazing pieces, I have to say that... <cue music> THIS BOY IS ON FIRE!

- I am slowly thinking that House Herrera is turning out to be the Team Coco of this show. Like Coco Rocha's team in The Face, as much as I wanted them to get their first win, they always fell a bit short in the eyes of the fashion council.

- I love seeing Cary Santiago on TV. I am a fan of his/her work. Big Time!

- Just like Adin, I don't know how to address Cary Santiago. He got a bit tongue tied when he needed address Cary Santiago. Which is it Adin? Miss or Sir? Please tweet me once you found the answer please. ^_^

- I feel like Jinggay is a techincal and practical designer. This is the first time I mentioned her in my notes simply because she is not doing or saying anything wild on TV, which is a good thing. As long as she makes impeccable clothes, she doesn't need to be all flashy and outspoken to be noticed. After all, she won Best in Techniques during her grad show in FIP last year. No time for non-sense, all couture.

- I have to commend the shows product placements. Now I want to buy my own Parisian shoes. If they can only fit me...

- Happy Birthday Sir Jeffrey! Sir Puey's food seemed so delicious. I think I wanna take a midnight snack later after this.

- I loved John Herrera's jacket. It looks like the cropped Rick Owens jacket that I've always wanted.

- Nice work Bryan. I love your creation!

- Joy's transformer jacket is a work of genius!

- Tetta Matera-Ortiz is still my favorite council. Please have her every week on the show. She is so outspoken yet very objective.

- Adin's creation doesn't fit well on his model. His model's "booblette" is quite disturbing. (Read: A Booblette forms if person forces herself into a tight garment which causes an overflow of excess skin/fat that gathers between her underarms and her true boobs).

- Saying that Adin's work is the best in his house for this challenge is quite a stretch. IMHO, Adrian's is the best if not Emir's, but I have to say that Adin's color palette is quite good.

- Jeffrey didn't deserve to be treated that way. I really felt bad for him.

- I think I know the personal issues that they were referring to between Adin and his mentor. They didn't air it on TV so I wont spill the beans here. They all have Twitter accounts so if you are that curious, go and tweet them. Maybe you'll get the answer that you are looking for.

- I also felt bad for Rona and Marian for not having a chance to defend themselves. Oh well, what doesn't kill you makes you stronge. Am I right ladies?

- On the lighter side, when Adin and Melville were nominated to be on the bottom two, I was hoping that G Tongi will say, "the time has come for you to lip sync for their life," and then everything will be okay.

All in all, despite my violent reaction about this episode, I have to say that I generally enjoyed the drama even if they stretched some things a little bit. Me being outraged is somehow a indication on how invested I am into watching Mega YDC. Now I can't wait to watch how the designers will pick themselves up after this wake up call. I also feel that something big will happen next episode.

I will try my best to catch their next episode later at 7pm on ETC. On the other hand, if I get caught in traffic again from school, I will once again watch their replays on Sunday at 10am and then write my review afterwards.

So that's all I can say for this week's review. 

Au revoir for now my loves!

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