Sunday, May 5, 2013

Polyvore and The Red Pumps

As someone who's a late bloomer and is just starting in fashion right now, there are still a lot of things that I needed to learn. One of the things that I recently discovered is the amazing website called Polyvore.

Polyvore is a place where you can mix and match outfits from various shops and designers. You can also check the prices of the pieces that you put into your collection, as well as other people's creations. It's like an online version of playing dress up without having to lift any article of clothing.

In short... Paper Dolls for adults!

It was my friend Viv who first suggested that I should try it but, just like any adult pretending to be busy, I had my initial reservations.

I'm always here to support fierce local brands

Truth be told, I only decided to give it a go when a shoe label that I liked, The Red Pumps, decided to have a shoe giveaway. The challenge was to create a set that will complement any of their design from the Monster shoe collection.

The peg for the styling contest

As it turned out, I am liking Polyvore more than I expected. Although my first attemp, The Queen Bee, was too sweet and girly for the mood that they are asking for, I still decided to save it as my first set in Polyvore.

The Queen Bee
Check out the individual items and prices here

The idea of the first set when an Upper East Side Queen Bee decided to attend an afternoon tea. I can imagine Blair Waldorf rockin' that outfit as she strolls around Park Avenue or Kate Moss on any given day.

Modern Samurai
Check out the individual pieces and prices here

After taking a few minutes to absorb the mood of the contest and injecting my personal flair to the task... viola! I created the Modern Samura. The idea of the look is what a fashion forward blogger would wear as he/she attends fashion week. No other than the supermodel Agyness Deyn is my muse for this one.

Please help me win this contest! Just click here and LIKE my entry. If I win the first or second place, I will make an entry on how I will style it using my own clothes. ^_^

Monster Shoe Giveaway
1st Prize Rapture / 2nd Prize Genesis /
3rd Prize Php1000 The Red Pumps Coupon

Btw I will continue making sets in Polyvore so be sure to follow me fabulousjv. For Iphone users, Polyvore is available in your app store. I just hope that they will release a Polyvore android app too so that I can still make my sets whenever I'm away from my computer.

Anyways, I gotta sleep now. I still have my Haute Couture class later.

Au revoir for now!

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