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Mega Young Designers Competition 2013 Episode 5 Review

Tears, tears, and even more tears! For this episode... category is Emotional Realness!!!

I have to say that this episode is the most entertaining one so far. The guests, the surprises, the turmoil, and the editing!

When the queens meet the queens

At the beginning of the show, our young designers met the reigining queens of Bb. Pilipinas. I don't know about you, but just like Adin, I am into beauty pageants too! I am still proud that Ariela Arida won because she represented UPLB so well. Yey! Schoolmate! I was just one batch older than her. Too bad I didn't knew her back in college. One thing I know for sure though, she didn't do theater otherwise we would've been close friends.

Bb. Pilipinas Universe Ariela Arida

Going back, the Bb. Pilipinas winners told the designers that they will be the inspiration/muse for the challange called Diyosa. Ms. G Tongi also informed them that for this challenge, it is their time too shine. Unlike before, their mentors will the backseat for this one and the young designer have the full creative freedom in their pieces.

One thing that rattled me was the Carolina's scene where the young designers have to buy their fabrics with a small budget and under 15mins. 15mins! 15 freakin' minutes!!! I don't know how they did it but I can only imagine how terrifying that was. Even the experienced designers of Project Runway had more than 15mins to shop at Mood. Anyways, for that alone I would like to congratulate the young designers.

Carolina's 15-Minute Challenge:
Achievement Unlocked!

Back in the work room, the young designers approached their respective mentors and it is very noticeable that Chris Diaz was nowhere in sight. Marian and Adin started to feel like there are unproductive since the other houses are already working with their materials.

When G. Tongi came in to deliver a shocking news, House Diaz was reduced into tears. As it turned out, Chris Diaz can no longer continue in the competition because of his medical condition. Although I almost expected it, considering that Chris was wearing a mask last time, I was still caught off guard with that revelation.

Marian going emotional due to her mentor's departure

Another shocking turn of event was when G. Tongi introduced who will step in to temporarily mentor House Diaz. Seeing the fabulous Avel Bacudio on TV again was another memorable moment for Mega YDC. Who doesn't like Avel? He is talented designer with a winning personality. I cracked up when he asked Marian if she really is a girl. I almost fell out of my chair gagging.

The one and only Avel Bacudio

If House Diaz was all about an emotional rollercoaster, House Quiñones was all about tension. I can feel Puey turning into his own version of Miranda Priestly when he was criticizing his young designers poor choice of fabric.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Workplace drama and the fashion council in one episode? It's about time! I guess the production team is now upping their game. Generally, Sari Yap was underwhelmed with the presented looks of each houses except for the winner of this challenge which was House Diaz. The problem was all about the fabric choice. Considering that the young designers were on a tight budget and under a 15min time limit at Carolina's, that is already a ticking time bomb. Give them 30mins with the same budget in Fabric Warehouse then they might have a better chance of pleasing the judges... IMHO.

For the last shocking event for this episode, Marian and Adin were given the chance to choose the house that they want to join. Adin first gave a beauty pageant speech before choosing House Rogador while Marian chose House Herrera in a snap.

Just like always, here are some of my quintessential notes:

- This is the best Mega YDC episode to date!

- Joy looked like a young Pinoy version of Karl Lagerfeld at the beginning part of the show.

- Brian was late and needed to ride the other house's van. I don't know about him but as far as I can remember he was also late in the 7th High party. Maybe something happened? I don't know. Let's give him the benefit of the doubt.

- 15mins in Carolina's with a tight budget? Now that is already a challenge in itself.

- Who doesn't love to watch Avel Bacudio?

- It's Melville's birthday! Belated Happy Birthday to you!

- "I don't use cheap fabric." -Puey Quinoñes

- I sometimes use cheap fabrics... Palakpak and Taytay fabrics. -JV (I just had to make my own quotable response. I can't help it.)

- Fabric choice is everything. Too bad fabric choices here in the Philippines is very limited.

- Adin and Emir's look are my favorite for this challenge.

- House Rogador was so emotional in the fashion council. Rona was on the chopping block cried like crazy. Adrian and Emir defended Rona. Jeff walked out and cried. This house is so intact!!! Awwww...

- Zendelle did what she had to do and expressed her aesthetic. Too bad she went home for it. The tension was still so strong in House Quiñones.

- I know that there's a lot of off cam drama/tension and even more tears in this episode but I won't go into that. That's already gossip territory. I suggest you just tweet your favorite designer and asked them your questions. <wink>

I guess that's all I can say for this week's episode. Too bad we have to wait for another week for their new episode. If you want to catch the replay of this episode then you are in luck! They will replay this episode tomorrow at 7pm on ETC because of the elections. I guess they will be on a holiday too! Anyways I have to go now because I still have to scrutinize the candidates even more to determine who will win my vote.

Au revoir for now!

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