Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Mega YDC 2013 Premiere Party

Last Monday, Mega YDC premiered on ETC and I attended their premiere party at 7th High.

Finally! Something to watch on TV.

I am so proud of Rona and Joy for being a part of this competition since it will definitely push them to their limits and will also showcase their craft on a much grander scale.

Joy Chicano

Rona Lyn

Rona and I arrived early on the venue because she doesn't want to be late. Since it's too early, I took photos to relieve myself from boredom.

The early bird's eye view.

I also loved the display of the show's mentors at the entrance. Their clothes clearly reflected their house's distinct aesthetic.

Puey Quiñones

Jeff Rogador

John and Paul Herrera

Chris Diaz

Unlike last year, this is the Mega YDC All-Stars Edition which means that aside from the 12 young designers, the show will also feature 4 established designers as their mentor throughout the competition. I'll elaborate on the show's format on my next entry which will be a recap/review of their first episode.

House of Rogador
Emir, Rona, and Adrian

House of Quiñones
Joy, Zendelle, and Brian (not in photo)  

I also like that we will see more of Ms. G. Tongi on TV. I remember watching her on Piaf and I immediately loved her new look. That blonde hair is so fierce!

I also got excited when I realized that the Emmy Award-winning producer, Michael Carandang is working on this show. This only means two words: Good TV.

(From left) Sari Yap,  John and Paul Herrera, G Tongi, Puey Quiñones,
Jeff Rogador, Meryll Yan, and Michael Carandang

After the program, I just have to have a photo op with Ms. G Tongi. She is so rocking her fabulous couture.

Ronnie, Ms. G Tongi, Me and Joanna

What's party without your friends right? Here are some pictures with my friends and the other contestants.

Viv, Ronnie, Me, and Joanna

The young designers.

Before going leaving the party, Mega also gave us some freebies. Who doesn't like freebies after a party?

Like what I said, my next post will be a recap/review of their first episode so please come back to read my insights about the show.

Au revoir for now!

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