Thursday, April 25, 2013

Tubong Pilipino and Bamboo Art at Glorietta

Just like any other school day, I was walking pass Glorietta when I decided to deviate from my usual route and check if there's any mall event of some sort. After all, I left school early and I wasn't ready to go home without any interesting moment for the day.

Lovely Native Ladies!!!

It's no secret that I love anything and everything Filipino especially works of Filipino artisans, so the Tubong Pilipino Fair at Glorietta's Activity Center, Palm Drive is definitely must see for me.

Definitely up my alley.

As I explored the fair, I saw some really interesting items being sold. Since I just bought fabrics for my school projects, I don't have enough dispensable cash. So I did the only thing that I could do... take photos and memories to appease my thirst for beautiful things.

My favorite item on display are these very fashionable dolls. Now if only someone can  give me one for my birthday. ^_^

A flashback to Philippine fashion.

As I was checking the booths, I noticed that there was a video about the art of bamboo carving flashed on stage.

Those details are exquisite.

At first, I though that the video was a documentary but to my surprise it was all live! There's someone on stage making these magestic wooden pieces.

Now that's how it's done.

An artist answering questions about his craft.

These men where carving those bamboo pieces as spectators watch them upclose.


The tools used for their craft

Now here's a glimpse of the beautiful details of those bamboo pieces.

The Tubong Pilipino Fair will be up until this Saturday (April 27) at the Glorietta Activity Center, Palm Drive.  Be sure to check it out and support our Filipino artisans.

I'm pretty sure my close friends will remember me wearing my wooden dress after this post. Lol

Anyways that's all for now.

Au revoir my loves!

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