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Mega Young Designers Competition 2013 Episode 3 Review

It's official, I can't watch Mega YDC on Mondays because our new term at school will start tomorrow. Since our class is from 9am to 6pm, I wouldn't make it on time to watch the show on TV. I guess I will have to write my reviews after the show's replays every Sunday. Anyways, let begin our weekly bloodbath shall we?

After last week's yurusemasen (unforgivable) of an episode, Mega YDC has nowhere else to go but up and boy did they went up. This week, we got a lot of confessionals and interaction among our mentors and young designers. I think we can now get an idea of who these contestants are like what we always wanted to do.

House Rogador's Adrian, Rona, and Emir

There may be no clear dark horse, class clown, bitch of the show, or any other stereotypical edits yet but I have to say that I already have my favorites and personal bets for the title. I'll tell you more about that at the end of this review. I can almost always tell who will win simply based on my gut feel and that's how I predicted who will win Project Runway Season 11. Don't worry I won't spoil it for you. If you want to know who won in Project Runway, just google it or check my twitter feed. 

In the work room, the young designers met the famous Patrick Galang who informed them that they are all going to the Mega Most Stylish Party at Republiq. Since two of the young designer's are my friends, I was invited but I didn't make it to the event. Unfortunately, I have my sewing class on that same day and I really wanted to finish my projects so I had to choose. Oh well, wanting to become a fashion designer comes with several sacrifices too. I'd rather learn and pay my dues now and miss that event and then hopefully become a contestant for Mega YDC next year. Now that's wishful thinking. <wink>

Most stylish indeed!

Going back to the party, in the midst of the celebration, G Tongi announced the young designer's next challenge. Each designer from every house is expected to complete a look that will compliment their mentor's design which were showcased at that same event. Of course, some of the contestants were stunned because they thought they were just going to a party but since it is reality tv, twists are essential and should always be expected.

The next day on the work room, the mentors guided the young designers on how they should approach this challenge. It was also the mentors who went to Carolina's to source the materials for their houses. The rest of the show was about the mood in the work room and the mentors giving their two cents about their house members. Next week's episode will show each house's final look and the second elimination round. Who do you think will get eliminated this time?

Fashion Editor turned Fashion Designer Marian

Here are the episode's memorable moments and some of my observations:

- What happened to Chris Diaz? I mentioned in my previous review that I think he is getting the cute guy edit but now he is sick, lost weight, and had to wear a face mask? What happened?!? I sure hope that he will recover from what ever he caught.

- Marian is now one of my favorite contestants on the show. Her confessionals are just so charming dont you agree?

- Emir dresses up like a hipster and I like it. Hipsters are always good on my book. His rants in front of the sewing machine was a bit funny.

- I think I will enjoy learning from Puey Quinoñes. Making clothes without patterns? Where do I sign up?

- Jeff Rogador looks like my definition of an ideal mentor. He's like the very cool uncle that I never had. I also like his very bright personality and genuine interest in teaching our young designers.

- The Herrera twins are very entertaining. I sure hope they have more tv moments. I like Paul more because he looks like he has that diva attitude which is always good for tv. I think he may be a potential source of the show's most memorable "reads." (Read is a drag slang for giving a humorous insult)

- Adin loves to sweep the floor according to one of the mentors. (A good example of a read)

- Joy wants a skinny, even if she is ugly, model who can carry clothes. Yes! Joy is another potential source of good tv moments for his very candid comments.

- Melville can't construct clothes according to the Herrera twins. I guess a degree in fashion isn't gonna cut it in this competition... or will it? Let's see what happens to him in the next few episodes.

- Rona is the weakest on their team according to her mentor. I think anyone who will be paired with Emir and Adrian (except Joy) will clearly become the weakest of the team. Emir and Adrian are just 2 lean mean pattern and sewing machines. Btw did you know that Joy, Emir and Adrian are the top 3 graduates from their batch in FIP?

Waray Warrior Joy

As for my predictions, I'm gonna make a fearless forecast and say that I think Joy, Adrian, and Emir will most likely be at the finals. To round up the top 5, I'm gonna throw Marian and Jinggay's names too.

So what do you think of my review this week? Do you agree with my predictions? Don't be shy and sound off below.

I guess that's all I can say for my now.

Au revoir for now my loves!

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