Saturday, May 4, 2013

Style Origin and Style Souk 2013 at Greenbelt

Makati never fails to amuse me. There's just something always happening somewhere in the city. Like last Thursday, after my sewing class, my friends and I decided to watch a movie. After we reserved our tickets for Iron Man 3, we figured that we had to kill time and so we decided to explore Greenbelt.

Happening now at Greenbelt

Earlier that day, I bought my project materials from Glorietta and I decided to walk from there to our school. I took my usual route, passing through Landmark and Greenbelt 5. It's not the shortest route but I chose it so that I can always check the window displays of Tan Gan, Jun Escario, and Albert Andrada which never fails to brigthen up my day.

As I pass through Greenbelt, I noticed that there were several cocktail tables lined up which weren't there the night before. Yes, I am almost always at Greenbelt. Like last Wednesday night, I was there with my college friends to talk about life and update ourselves about each other when I noticed that there was a catwalk being set up at the space between Zara and Banana Republic.

As I came close to Adora, I noticed that there were several stalls all over the place. Apparently, Greenbelt was having their annual Style Souk event. At that moment I only took a quick glimpse of the souk because I was already late for my class.

Fast forward to that evening, I asked my friends Viv and Ronnie if we could visit the Style Souk since we have a lot of time in our hands.

Viv giving Marilyn a run for her money!

I find it amazing that several designer pieces were on display in a location with heavy foot traffic. It gave us an access to have a closer look at several designer pieces that we only see through the store's glass window.

After we visited the souk, we decided to have dinner and then we gave window shopping another go. that's when we noticed a commontion at the ground floor of Greenbelt 5. Remember the catwalk that I was talking about earlier?

The view from where I stood.

Little did I know that there was an event called Style Origin and that it was their gala night. That explains the cocktail tables that I saw earlier that day. Talk about being at the right place at the right time.

The event was hosted by the ever so charming Mark Nelson. He is gorgeous, but it wasn't him that made me overly excited about the show.

It was one of my favorite designers, Lulu Tan Gan, who reduced me into fangirl mode. Her aesthetic is definitely up my alley and I've always been into piña and other indigenous materials since I was studying BS Agriculture in UPLB. Seeing her as a part of the show is simply amazing.

Lulu Tan-Gan wearing one of her pieces.
(Second lady from the left)

Since we still had some more time, we went to the second floor to see if there's anything else to witness.

There were models wearing selected designer pieces, again in a foot heavy traffic area, right after the fashion show. Of course, their presence gained a lot of attention from passers-by. I hate to say this but you can tell which models are there to work and which ones are a bit clueless compared to the others. Or maybe I'm just watching too much ANTM? Anyways, they all look stunning that's for sure.

All in all, I have to say there is no place better to explore and kill time other than Greenbelt. I was there to watch a movie but my "killing time" phase was much better than Iron Man 3. in my humble opinion.

For those who wants to visit the Style Souk, it will run until May 8 at The Gallery / Greenbelt 3 Ground Floor.

Au revoir for now!

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