Sunday, May 5, 2013

Mega Young Designers Competition 2013 Episode 4 Review

Aside from seeing people break down and all the drama that comes with being a part of Mega YDC 2013, we also got a new japanese word to add to our vocabulary. "It's subarashii" (it's fabulous), was what Tetta Matera said upon seeing the collection of House Quiñones.

Last week we saw how the teams work under pressure. The young designers were all working fast pace in the work room, while the mentors gave their insights about their proteges while they are on their way to source their materials for the challenge.

(from left) Tetta Ortiz-Matera, JC Buendia,
G. Tongi, Sari Yap, and Patrick Galang

This week's episode was all about the drama when the houses were up in front of the fashion council. As always, I love how Tetta Ortiz give straight forward critiques and her japanese words. I am also starting to like Sari Yap even more because I totally agree with all of her comments this week. I can only imagine how nerve-wracking it was for the houses to know that there are two designers on the fashion council. Designers being judged by other designers is like waiving your Iphone5 in Divine (aka Divisoria) to hail a cab... scary!

Someone in this picture is about to go home.

Here are some of my notes while I was watching the show:

- On top of making a collection that will complement their mentor's featured look in the Mega Most Stylist Event, their pieces should include a dress, a pair of pants, and a blazer.

- Each house had a talk about who was the weekest in this week's challenge. I can only imagine how awkward that moment was. It was like being in a house with strong teammates is a double-edge sword.

- We learned that Brian is a Chatty Cathy and Puey didn't like that.

Someone smiling is about to cry...

- I love Adrian's pants, Rona's dress, and Joy's whole design!

- I also adore Geno's cape, but then again it should've been a blazer not a cape. This is his fatal mistake that sent him packing.

- Everyone is worried about the health and well-being Chris Diaz. I can't help but feel that something big is bound to happen. Let's just wait and see.

- The Herrera twins wept after hearing some positive words from the fashion council. Like I said last week, these guys are so entertaining. However, their moment is only runner up to a young designer's tears that comes with a quotable quote...

Now that's reality TV!

- Brian's "I don't deserve this. I make beautiful clothes." moment is so epic that it can go down as this season's most memorable moment. G. Tongi's reaction to his words is so funny that I burst into laughter. I can't remember her exact words but for me it translated as "You don't deserved this? Are you sure? Is that your final answer? Weh?" I don't know, maybe my imagination just went nuts so that's how I remembered it. Just go ask Joy or Rona, they know I can be cooky at times.

All in all, it was a solid episode. I liked how it was edited and I think the production already got things under control now. I also like most of the clothes and the drama behind every garment. I just can't ignore the feeling that last week and this week's episode can be condensed into one, but then again maybe that's their plan.

Who do you think will go home next time? Will someone have another momentary breakdown? Will we learn another japanese word? Tune in tomorrow to watch Mega Young Designer's Competition Allstars on ETC at 7pm or, if you have a busy bee like me, you can watch it on Sundays at 10am.

That's all I can say for this week's review.

Au revoir for now!

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