Thursday, September 27, 2012

1st FaDAL Manila Design Novitiate Awardee Event at 7th High

After days of not posting anything I am now back with my insider scoop of FaDAL Manila's event at 7th High last night.

Photo from FaDAL Manila

If you think the illustration on the left looks familiar,its because you've seen it in my previous post where I had a brief chat with the 1st FaDAL Manila Design Novitiate Awardee, Joy Chicano.

Check out my outfit for the night after the jump!

Truth be told, it was a last minute decision on my end to attend the event. Joy told me that he already forwarded the names of his guest to the organizers. Luckily, he was able to squeeze my name somewhere so I moved on to my next predicament... what to wear?

The last minute look.

In cases like these, it's good to have your handy coat because you can simply wear it over something and that's already a statement in itself. Right after Joy told me that I can attend the event, he accompanied me as I searched for a shirt to wear underneath my fur coat. We ended up buying a one sleeve shirt at Oxygen.

Coat: Mango / Shirt: Oxygen / Leggings: Debenhams
Shoes: Mundo / Hairpiece: Landmark / Bag: Kultura Filipino

After figuring out what to wear, I returned to my apartment just to pick up some options for styling then I came back to school to prepare with my dear friends.

James, Joy , Lette and moi.
Photo taken by the fierce Bryan Peralta

I never expected the young and talented designer James Imperial to be a master make-up artist too! I asked him to do my make-up and I never expected to look so fresh! Lol

The designer of the night with his muse
both wearing his original creation.

After preparing our looks for the night, we were off to 7th High for Joy's big night.

How can you not love this place?
Photo from 7th High's Facebook Page

But just like any other wandering commuters in Makati, we had a hard time getting a cab.

A few seconds after this photo was taken I used
the classic Carrie-Bradshaw-hailing-a-cab-pose
to get a taxi... and it worked!!!

We arrived early and decided to settle on a couch as we waited for the event to start. It was Joy's big night because the event's purpose was to formally introduce him to the public as FaDAL's 1st Novitiate Awardee. We are all so proud of his achievements and I am also happy to personally get to know this very promising artist even before he got this award from his fellow designers.

Very talented but still very humble.
Photo by: Bryan Peralta 

By the way if you haven't noticed, the fierce Bryan Peralta is taking most of the photos during the event using my handy-dandy point and shoot camera. Maybe he should do some freelance photography too!

I guess it true. In order to get a fierce photo... should get a fierce photographer!
Here are some other photos during the event.

I sneaked a peek backstage to capture
another genuine "before the show" moment

Joy's batchmates from FIP Makati are all here!

With the designer of the night and the ever so fierce Bryan Peralta.

Joy's Big Moment

Look who's here?
The fabulous  Ryuji Shiomitsu

Of course my dear cousin, Karl Leuterio is here too!!!
Too bad I forgot to take a photo of his amazing shoes.

The event was a success! Joy got his well deserved moment, I enjoyed the event with my new friends, and everyone seemed to have a good time.

I'm sorry if I don't get to post a new article on a regular basis. I am just preparing for something.(Clue: It's for a contest... a very complex and technical contest.) Once I get the results I will create a post about it... whether I move forward or if I will get my dreams crushed from the get-go. Lol

Au revoir for now!


Check out this amazing short by Matthew Valeriano. This is how new designers should be introduced. ^_^

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