Saturday, September 8, 2012

Fully Booked and SoFA's Fashion and Interior Design Capsule Series: Interior Styling

I'm so happy that I signed up for Fully Booked and SoFA's Fashion and Interterior Design Capsule Series. Today, I just attended my 2nd session and it was all about Interior Styling.

Photo form Fully Booked's Facebook page

I remember that I was just interested in Amina Aranaz-Alunan's workshop on The Creative Process, but since I enjoyed that workshop so much, I decided to sign up for the rest of the other workshops. I wouldn't make an entry about my 1st session, just read Fully Booked's blog because they already did an amazing post about it.

You can read Fully Booked's blog about the workshop here.
Can you spot me in one of their pictures?

I'm not really into Interior Design or Interior Styling but since it was for free, how can I resist an opportunity to learn something new.

Today's Instructor is non other than Mr. Gwyn Guanzon
Photo from:  Fully Booked's Facebook page

Mr. Gwyn Guanzon,Real Living's former Creative Director, shared his knowledge and experience in Interior Styling. He discussed the Basic Elements and Basic Principles of Art, and he also showed us some of his previous works.

Aside from the free workshop, Fully Booked  and SoFa were kind enough to give us goodie bags which contains a Magazine, a handy dandy notebook, and some bookmarks too! They also conducted a raffle amongst attendees and I was lucky enough to win!

My prize. Yey me!

Right after the workshop, I returned to my apartment just to try to apply what I've learned today in terms of styling. On my trampoline, I arranged the contents of my goodie bag together with some random items in my roome. Yes! I have a mini trampoline in my apartment. ^_^

Can you spot my school id?

Oh! And before I forget, I would like to thank my dear classmate Arianne for giving me this cute handbag hook. By the way, I used this in the picture above to provide contrast, because I learned in today's lecture that if a certain color family is very prominent on a display, you should use a complimentary color to make it more interesting. See? I learned something from the workshop. ^_^

A cute and very functional accessory.

All in all, I would love to thank Fully Booked for conducting these free workshops. For enthusiasts like me, their capsule lecture series provides us a good venue to spark curiosity and discover other fields of interests. Who knows, maybe a future innovator was inspired by today's workshop.

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