Thursday, September 20, 2012

Busy Student Life and my dream Celestina Minaudiere

Too many things to do, so little time. I guess we all need a little more time to finish the things that we have on our lists. Just like any other working student, I am also juggling my time and energy. I just need to finish one very important project and then I'll be back to blogging on a daily basis.


Tomorrow my patience will be tested once again. I will work with beads and various types of stitches in our Fashion Embellishment class. While learning the art of beading, I gained a whole new respect for people who do embellishments. I now understand why designer have their own set of beaders and seamstresses.

What I am most excited about is the bag that I will create in our Bag Making 1 class.

Check out my new school id at the end of this post!

My Dream Minaudiere!!!
Celestina Rainbow Paua Shell Bag
Photo from: Google Images

Don't get too excited! Of course as a beginner, I can't possibly create something close to this divine Celestina Rainbow Paua Shell Bag which retails for about Php40k-45k. That bag however, is the type of bag that I hope to create in the future. Did I mention that it is one of the Top 50 Stylish Bags for Summer 2012 by where it is ranked alongside fashion's most powerful names like Gucci and Prada? Anyways, I will create a post in the near future about this impressive Filipino brand once I get to visit their store again in Greenbelt 5. For now, I will return to reality and start from the basics by finishing our first project in class, which is your standard square bag. We all need to start somewhere you know.

Standard Square Bag
Photo from: Google Images

I shall post the finished project once completed. I'm just so excited because I love the fabric that I chose for my bag and mostly because it's my first time to create something that I can really use on a daily basis.

By the way, my new school id came out today. Finally! Another valid id! But before that, here's my old id from last term.

My 1st Term ID

We are not required to have a new id every term but I just wanted to have a new one just to see how much I changed every term. Anyways, who doesn't love a new id right?

My new ID!!!

Just like my old id, I don't want to have a typical id with that same boring "face-straight-to-the-camera" pose. I just wanna have that very distinct id pose. I am studying fashion so I might as well look the part.

Anyways, I promise to post everything about what I am up to right now. I just have to finished it first. I am already close to my deadline so I have to focus now more than ever.

Until my next post my fabulous friends! I hope you like my update and my new blog banner!


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