Saturday, September 1, 2012

My First Attempt to Blog

So I finally decided to joined the blogging wagon. I've always wanted to blog but the procrastinator in me always overpowers my blogging desire. So here we go...

I was so excited to attend the FIP Grad Show last Wednesday. As a fashionista-on-a-budget I ended up recycling old clothes and accessories, as usual. I guess my styling prowess better step up to the plate, after all I am attending a fashion show with my fashion design classmates. So here's what I wore...

One of my facebook friend, Leila Rubio, coined this look as Bohemian meets Safari and I cannot find any better description. I simply threw on my favorite black top (thrifted) with my ever so dependable leggings from Debenhams. Oh! How can I forget my black stilettos from Tyler!

The feather head piece is from Divine that I bought almost 2yrs ago. The necklace and my bracelets are from Forever 21. The gorgeous bag is something that I borrowed from my dear classmates, Eresel Rhea. The deer ring is from the bazaar last Fashion Week and the Mustache Ring is from my first ever sponsor RAGE REPUBLIC!

By the way, I love my friends bag that I tried to copy Paris Hilton's pose with that gorgeous bag from India. Since I'm gonna take Bag Making 1 this term at the Fashion Institute of the Philippines, that bag will be my motivation to create gorgeous pieces of functional art.

Here's me and my bestie Eresel Rhea doing our make up in her car. I gotta hand it to her, she mastered the art of doing make up in the dark!

Here's me with my fierce classmates Sioti (Middle) and Leehai (Right) posing at Krazy Garlik right after dinner. FYI: It was really hard to order my meal staple "Water Chilled No Ice" here. They can't seem to get it right. Lol. Moving forward...

There we go! My first entry! Yey! I've already planned my future posts and they will be about the events that I attend, how I struggle to put on a look under a strict budget, and other things that I find fabulous!  I hope you find my blog interesting. If you have any suggestions please feel free to do so.

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  1. spell bongga, friend!Ü it's good that you finally decided to blog, kasi naman you are an interesting and a fabulous person, the world deserves to know what's on your mind.Ü

    1. Thank sis! I hope you enjoy reading my posts! ^_^