Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fashion Design

I did a very spontaneous decision earlier. I went to FIP to attend this term's Fashion Merchandising class. Although our instructor Ms.Wanda Madarang already gave me a completed remark on this subject, I still wanted to learn the topics that I missed. When I arrived, I saw my previous classmates in Basic Fashion design taking the Advance Fashion Design course, which is also scheduled for that same day.

Can I just stay here everyday? Lol

As I placed my things on the table, some of my previous classmates were asking why I wasn't taking the advance course with them. Honestly, I got a bit confused with the class schedules and I forgot that both classes are schedule on the same time slot. I decided to delay my enrollment in the design class because as much as I want to, I cannot take another schedule because of my current job. Trust me, it's hard to be a working student so you better study hard while your parents are still funding your education.

When both classes started, I realized that I came to the wrong makeup session. I was present when today's topic was being discussed, it's next the session that I needed to attend. Silly me! All lost and confused in terms of my class schedule. After realizing my mistake, I still stayed in class and I just considered this session a refresher course for me. When the Advance Fashion Design subject started their discussion, I can't help but eavesdrop and as it turned out, I responded more towards that class, simply because it's something new to me.

During lunch time, I spent time with my previous classmates. We ate at BonChon Greenbelt and I as expected, I very much enjoyed their company. Just like a curious child, I asked about what they were discussing in class, what they have done so far, and if they think I can still catch up with them.

Need I say more?
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They told me that I still can still catch up with them if I enrolled today... So right after lunch, I immediately talked to their instructor, Mr. Aram Loe, and I asked him if I can still catch up with them considering that I already missed half of today's class. He said that I still can... and that's all I needed to hear. Right after that defining moment, I asked Ms. Wanda if it's okay for me to enroll in the other class, I also told her that I will still try to attend her lecture next week, she gave me her go signal and then I was all set.

One of Sir Aram's Design
Photo by: Bethoven Filomeno
Can you imagine? Just 2 months ago, I can't even produce a decent drawing of an adult woman.When Sir Ched asked us to sketch an image of who we are as a designer, I drew something that resembles a preteen. It may just be a simple diagnostic test but that's when I decided that I cant be the best illustrator in class, I just decided to target the "most improved" award instead. By the way, these awards only exist in my head. It's just my way of pushing myself. Lol

My First Sketch
(Yes! It's supposed to be an adult not a preschooler.)
After two months of attending our Basic Fashion Design class, I am proud to say that the improvement in my sketches are quite noticeable.

Clash Color Scheme Design (Blue and Yellow Orange)
The last sketch that I completed in Basic Fashion Design

It may not be the best sketch ever, but you have to give me props in terms of improvement, considering first sketch.

All in all, I took a very spontaneous decision of taking the Advance Fashion Design course in the hopes of improving my drawing skills. Just like in Basic Fashion Design, I will be a sponge and I will absorb everything that I need to learn. I will be humble in terms of accepting the fact that I know nothing therefore I must be an empty cup whenever I go to class. After all, everything starts with one simple step and that's committing to what you are doing.

That's all for now. Until next post! ^_^

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