Friday, September 7, 2012

Looking Back: Dense Modesto's Parfum

Out of the blue, I just remembered the time when I participated in Dense Modesto's First Open Video Shoot called Parfum.

Are you ready for this?

Check more photos and the video after the jump.

We were given a chance to choose one of the three concepts, Caramel (Vintage), Bliss (Pop), or Rage (Edgy), to be the general vibe of our video. Being true to myself, I obviously chose the Rage.

With two of the most talented people in the industry,
 Hairstylist Mr. George Delfin and Make-Up Artist Mr. Nanan Villalba 
I was fortunate enough to work with Mr. Nanan Villalba and Mr. George because I personally love how they groom their clients. I am also proud to say that I styled myself for this shoot.  I noticed that the stylists are too busy creating other people's ensemble so I decided to work my styling prowess for my own's sake. I brought my ever dependable corset from YRYS and my favorite jeggings at that time and as for my top, I just used a random garment from the studio and I manipulated to complete my fierce look.

My mom told me that this image looks like a crab or a spider.
Do you agree?
...and now for the much hyped video.

All in all, I was very happy that Dense Modesto choose Lady Gaga's Born This Way as the song for my video. There can't be any song more perfect than this to accompany the fierce editing work done here.

Yes! I am Born This Way baby!

I was also pretty ecstatic because it was released during my birth month and it was also the time when Pride is being celebrated. This is definitely what I consider as perfect timing.

I hope you enjoyed the video. Until next post!!!

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