Friday, December 21, 2012

What I wore when I played The Million Peso Money Drop

It's been days since the episode where we played was aired on tv so I guess I can now share the clothes that I wore for that day.

with another hopeful contestant.

As seen on my previous post, I wore my Japanese inspired jumpsuit with a violet obi belt to complete the look.

Before the game started, there was a video clip of our audition and our back stories. I was asked to prepare 3 looks for that clip so here they are.

Look No.1
Jacket: The Ramp
White Skull Shirt: Alexander McQueen
Leggings: Debenhams

Look No.2
Jacket: Dior
Shirt: Thailand Flea Market
Harem Pants: The Vintage in My Closet

Look No.3
Cardigan: Lanvin
Black Long Sleeves: The Vintage in My Closet
Leggings: Debenhams

I wasn't able to have my photo taken while wearing these clothes because we are moving so fast.

My only consolation is that somewhere in the internet universe I found a screenshot of our small tv stint.

Note to self: Louis Vuitton is OLDER than Chanel

Since we are all rushing and I wasn't really able to style myself the way that I wanted to, I decided to wear my jumpsuit again.

FIP Makati Christmas Party

By the way, if you haven't noticed I just posted a pic of my first McQueen top! I finally wore McQueen! Lol

That's all for now loves, au revoir for now!!!