Thursday, March 14, 2013

Exhibit: Ann Pamintuan's Sculptures and Designs

After meeting my new classmates, I asked them if they want to walk with me to the Ayala MRT Station instead of taking a cab from school. I told them that if we walked around we may find something interesting along the way and fortunately my hunch was spot on.

Since Greenbelt is right around the corner from FIP Makati we were able to catch a display of Ann Pamintuan's works.

Being the curious person that I am, I wanted to check out her pieces to have a peek through the artist's world. Who knows? Maybe her art work may inspire me to create a bag or a collection or something. A struck of genius may come anywhere at any time so I just want to keep my eyes and mind open.

Here are some pieces from the exhibit:

Family Affair


K8 Infinity Lounge

Pie Set


Moon Lasso

I love all of her pieces but I only took photos of the pieces that really caught my attention. What I got was more of a futuristic, 3D technology, space age vibe from the displays. It also reminded me of Hussein Chalayan's 2007 Spring Summer Collection titles One Hundred and Eleven.

After asking about the exhibit, I realized that we were fortunate enough to drop by Greenbelt because it was the last day of their exhibit. One thing that you can all still check is their lifesize horse sculptures scattered around Greenbelt's lush gardens.

I guess I'll be walking more around Makati in the next few days to check if there's anything interesting around. Maybe I'll get to see another exhibit or perhaps see an old friend. Anyways, no matter what, it is still better than getting stuck on traffic with the meter running. It also doesn't hurt to lose some calories along the way.

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