Sunday, March 17, 2013

Good News: Updating Old Tank Tops for Summer!

It's undeniable that summer is here! As I've mentioned in my previous post, I now have to update of wardrobe to keep up with the weather. So what can we do if we are broke and can't go shopping? We start a project to update our old clothes!

Good News invited me to share my ideas on how we can turn those old boring tank tops into something more stylish.

After taking several courses in FIP Makati, I started to play around with several projects to practice my skills and harness my creativity. Let's have fun with fashion!

Miah and I

My friend Joy referred me to Miah, a researcher from GMA News TV, to take his place and demostrate how we can update 4 old tank tops into something unique.

Since we all know that everything on tv is fast-paced, I needed to finish these projects swiftly. Thankfully, Miah was there to lend her helping hands.

The first, I wanted to add a peakaboo at the back and cover it with lace. Originally, I also wanted to put lace on the side seams, but due to time restraints I only ended up with the peekaboo.

For the second tank top, I wanted to spruce it up by adding studs to give it a rocker chic vibe. You can never go wrong with studs, just know where you want to place it and voila!

For the third one, I wanted to really transform the tank top into something else. Can you spot the difference?

And finally for the last one, I just wanted to do a subtle change of the tank top. Why not turn it into a halter?

After our taping, the crew went to another location to shoot Bea Binene for her introductory spiel and then it was a wrap!

The episode was aired today at 8PM on GMA News TV. For those who didn't catch it earlier, I checked on Youtube to see if our segment is already uploaded and guess what? IT IS HERE!!! ^_^

So what are you waiting for? Let's jazz up those old tanks and update our wardrobe for summer!

Thank you for visiting my blog. Until my next time.

Au revoir for now! 

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