Saturday, March 16, 2013

Itadakemasu! Going Japanese for Lunch! ^_^

They say that in life there's no such thing as a free lunch. I guess they just don't have friends who loves to cook!

I just can't live in a world without sushi!

A long time friend invited me to be his guest for their finals in Asian Culinary. The good news is that they are doing Japanese cuisine and all I have to do is show up looking all fancy. There's no catch just sushi!


Their class wanted to simulate a restaurant-like environment so they did a four course meal. Kani Salad was the first dish that they served together with their special iced tea recipe. I'm not a Kani salad person but I was able to finish it off because it was quite scrumptious  I also can't say that didn't love their iced tea. I asked one of the students what they added to give it a certain punch. They told me that it was just a hint of cinnamon and mint. (As a side note please don't attempt to do the cinnamon challenge even if you love cinnamon that much! Okay?)

What made the difference

After being delighted by their iced tea, I had to ask for a refill. Yes, I am one of those diners who love their bottomless iced tea so much!

After the salad, they served my favorite part of any Japanese meal... sushi! I have to admit, I had my second serving and perhaps even a third... or fourth! You get the idea. ^_^

As I enjoyed the sushi platter, they started serving the main dish. Whenever I go Japanese, my usual preference would be your classic tempura but I think I'll consider ordering chicken donburi in the future. Truth be told, I never ordered or even considered chicken as a part of my Japanese dining experience. Since I enjoyed their dish so much, I guess I shouldn't limit my Japanese palate to just seafoods.

For desert, they served Coffee Jelly with Vanilla Ice Cream and fruits! I guess it's just fitting considering the smoldering heat outside. Btw summer is here! I guess I should start updating my wardrobe soon.

My good ol' friend Leo

I would like to thank my friend Leo for inviting me to their culminating activity. Not only did they gave me a free lunch, my sushi craving was also satisfied that day and boy did they ever. Now I just wanna dress up all Japanese complete with my umbrella and fan to beat the summer heat!

Arigato gozaimashita! ^_^

Au revoir for now my loves!

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  1. I super love this entry. I love Jap food so much it's crazeee. I even want to date a sushi chef. Ahahahaha. I hope you had a great time then~